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This Page is for anyone who thinks they have an exceptionally nice or rare Stretch Figure

Just email me your Pic of the best Stretch and why, and  if it is found to be worthy I will place your stretch in place of the previous one on the Best Stretch Page 

Stretch Armstrong World .......Stretch collectors paridise!

Best stretch # 1. What better more worthy Stretch to be the very first listed on the best stretch page than the Awsome,and totally super duper rare, immpossible to find Stretch Incredible Hulk By Denys Fisher sold only out of the UK. This Stretch Hulk was possibly produced in a quantity of 1,259. each with a piece of tape that sealed the lid that was Stamped what # out of 1,259 it was. Sold mainly out of catalogs,some of these gems made their way to the U.S. There is said to be only about 10 to 15 left in excistence. I am aware of only 10 of these amazing and unbelievably rare artifacts.These Hulks were obviously made very well.Some Hulks were packaged in a Black Plastic Coffin and others were packaged with the Styrofoam coffin and lid as shown.Me and a good friend of mine have recently unvieled what seems to be a tell tale sign that indicates an early or later release Stretch Hulk.I have mention this discovery on a page I have devoted totally to this Holy Grail of Hulks. A good friend of mine buried his in the back yard because it had a hole in it .I must start digging,even for just the head which Im sure would bring in several hundred!. this truley is the Best Stretch! Pics are on the Holy Grail Page.

Best Stretch # 2 Thanks to Johnathan Davies for sending in a picture of what seems to ba a rather rare production feature not normally seen in the full size Fetch Armstrong Dogs. A Red Jacket. Hmm, I have never seen a red one before, only black.I am assuming for now that this is a rare occurrance and a more valuable fetch than the traditional Black jacket fetch.I pegging this Fetch armstrongs value at about $200.00 to $280.00. This is in fact a factory original.Even the valcro on the underside is red.COOL! Pic of this rear stretch is on the Daily Stretch Page.Thanks johnathan. Good find!!

BEST STRETCH # 3 Here we have our number 3 best stretch, the Mr X, from Japan made by Tsukuda. Licensed by Kenner .This is the first time ever seen! Thanks to John and Paul, two guys that contacted me from seeing this site, I was able to purchase it from them. Great guys who knew this stretch museum be the best place for this awsome rare stretch to end up.See picture on Value Guide Page 2 .This is my most minty stretch and Box I own. Not one scratch on the box or foam, with a creasless instruction sheet and head bag to boot.The coffin looks like it was lazer cut with no marks whatsoever. The box opens differently from the others in that it comes off like a shoe box. The sides and main large picture side are all one piece that lifts right off. So you dont have to slide the figure out. The figure is totally soft and was definitely never stretched. It does not hold its form well, thats why he looks deflated but it is actually very full. The latex is very supple on this stretch so it fills out within seconds of being upright.Notice the brown hair.I store all my stretches with the clothes off to keep the skin from damage.

Best Stretch #4 This is not just an ordinary totally soft perfect minty Stretch X Ray. This was actually once owned by the Famous Actor Leonardo DiCaprio from the Titanic Movie. I recenly purchased this awsome X from the guy who originally won the aution. He was a floor bidder at the Auction house who I cantacted and bought it from only a couple of weeks after he purchased it.A great guy with almost the same last name as mine, pretty weird. I have all the Auction tags as shown and the original Morphy Auction listing with all pictures verifying its authenticity. This was item number 288 on the auction. Just think, Leonardo DiCaprios finger prints are on this X Ray. Pretty Cool!

Best Stretch #5 Where did this Stretch Come from you may say? Well being the Stretch King and having all of the Stretchy knowledge known to man. You would think that I would have a clue. Well guess what, I have no idea. This Stretch Captian America as far as I can see is a very obscure Stretch. There are no markings, Dates, or company names of any kind on this Best Stretch. It appears to have a very old look as even the older 1970s Captian America looks totally different from this. I can only say that this Captian America most likely is from Japan.

Best Stretch #6 All I can say about this most amazing Esueno Superman is that you are looking at the only one know to exist on the planet. Behold and bask in the glory of this most incredible piece. Produced by Ensueno as the Mexican version of the elastic Superman this particular Superman is not only beyond rare it is also in near mint condition with no holes and still soft. The flimsy box that ensueno made has even held up well considering these boxes are very easy to tear.Ensueno also produced a Batman version which is also as rare with only one known in existence. Esueno Stretch Superman, now thats amazing!

BEST STRETCH # 7 The Stretch RuBBer figure from Italy is pretty new on the scene but is incredibly rare and valuable.I have the only stretch rubber figure at the present time.This is a very strange looking stretch however it is a must for any stretch collector if your trying to add an incredibly rare figure to your collection and have what nobody else has.this is a full size stretch figure and was made very well with high quality materials.You will love having one of these Rubber figures if your fortunate enough to actually find one.This is one incredbly rare stretch figure that earned its place here on the Best Stretch Page.