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Who is Tony "The Stretch King" Galla ?

You May be wondering who I am.Or maybe not. But Ill tell you anyway.My name is Tony Galla and I am a Realestate Investor.I started investing in Realestate back in 1997 and I currently manage my properties in the day and work on my website in the evening.I live way out in the country where there is  room to live and breath.Ahhh,the smell of cow manure really opens up them nasal passages.I love it!!! I am a true country loven man. I have been collecting Stretch figures for over 10 years .I take stretch collecting as serious as any other rare toy collector does.Stretch Armstrong and the Stretch Monster were my favorite toys as a kid growing up in the 70s. I can remember those old days when toys were a lot simpler and yet more fun. I feel that the 1970s were the last decade when toys had real meaning and originality. Today everything is mass produced with robots and every toy looks exactly the same.The 70s were the last decade when kids actually went outside and made new friends,instead of making so called friends on facebook or Myspace. We played Kick the can,Hide and go seek and street hockey.When we got hurt it was out fault and we didnt sue our best frind or neighbor.getting hurt was part of the fun.I remember when my brother Armando  stretched the armstrong and his hand slipped off and the figure swung and clubbed me in the head. It felt like I got hit with a led pipe.But yeah,it was fun.It hurt but it was still fun. After I came out of a mild coma I realized  I got bashed in the head with corn syrup,Hmm ??? A weopon disquised as a squishy action figure? Now thats one cool Toy! I think I knew back then that I was destin to have stretch in my life for a long time to come.

I used to stretch them till they leaked and then my Mom and I would return them to the store for a new one. After I did this ritual several hundred times,somewhere along the way I must have giving up and then they were gone forever, so I thought. Then came the most incredible invention ever that allowed me to find these super rare collectables once again. the internet! Now I have the most complete and rarest stretch figure collection in the world with a current total of over 77 Stretches. I  have every full size Stretch figure ever produced and some doubles.These things are pretty addicting. Kinda like collecting baseball cards or matchbox cars but better cuz when you finally get the one you need, you better like it a lot cuz it cost so dam much. Were not talking about a 10 dollar matchbox cars here,these things are fetching hundreds even thousands of dollars.If only I knew as a 10 year old  kid that one day i would become the Stretch King I would have bought out every stretch armstrong from every store in ym neighborhood for only 15 bucks each and retired on my back like Stretch Armstrong himslef.These Stretches will only become more valuable as time goes on because many of these  action figures have been and are still getting damaged makeing the survivors value climb.There simply are not many of these Stretches left in existence.I have discovered how to preserve these great vintage Stretch Figures and I will share this secret with all you stretchy's because I am a most gracious Stretch King.Once classified as above top secret.This preservation process which consists of 4 key steps is now available to all and is a must for any collector of these rare potentially perishable toys. I have done years of research and spoke with actual employess that produced these mighty stretch figures to understand exactly what it takes to preserve these latex, syrup filled toys and devised a fool proof process that will keep your stretch pristine for ever.

I am one of the very very few fortunate owners of the Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk of which I have 5,Thats right Boys and Girls ,I said 5. as well as, quite possibly the only person in the world with the Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk Original Box with the Numbered Tape that has never been cut and the numbers still completely and clearly printed.. I never even knew there was a stretch hulk back then! I would have freaked if I saw one because the Hulk was my hero. I even met the one and only Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk from the original 1970s TV series) in person when I was 10 and just recently at a local appearance. Why didnt I have a Stretch Hulk?? ME the the biggest Hulk fan ever! I was cheated back then. and now Im on a relentless hunt for as many Hulks as I can get. IM sorry folks but I can give No mercy on any stretch auctions. Bid against me at your own risk.There are currently only 29 Hulks known in the world and of these 29 only about 8 are truley mint. Now thats one rare toy.

I have recently attained  every stretch figure ever produced with the most recent purchase of the most rare Mexican ensueno Batman. A very expensive toy to collect, so if you decide to start collecting, be ready to dish out some serious cash. You may want to limit your collection to what I call the Alpha 7 ,(The original 7 Stretch Figures, Armstrong, Monster, Octipi siblins, X Ray, Serpent and if your lucky enough,The Hulk ). This way you can still have a great collection that you should be able to get for about $4,000 to $7,000. Believe me, thats a very small amount realative to what it could cost you. That is why I must warn you, these stretches are very addicting and very costly $$$$$. So if you decide to colllect more than the Alpha 7 , you better have a large bank account or a generous credit card. These babies are worth a bundle!

My attempts at humor on this site are just that, Humor. Appearently one person I will not mention doesnt know humor if it slapped him in the face.Anyway,I am not bragging, just having some fun. Although I must admit having the title of THE STRETCH KING can make ones head a bit larger than normal.Oh Yeah, One more thing. These stretches are not Dolls, they are Action Figures. Now that I cleared that up and you got to hear a bit about me, step in and explore what is, My Stretch Armstrong World...........


My Stretch Armstrong Rival

Through the years of collecting stretches,I have come to find only one collector that could even come close to my huge Stretch Collection Eric Pfieffer has most likely the biggest collection of stretches next to me. Some of his finest stretches include Stretch Serpent, Stretch Fred Flintstone and the rare Jap Tsukada Monster, He also has two of the three impossible to find Mego Elastic Disney Stretches, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as the Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk. Recently Eric has started to sell off his fine stretches but will be keeping the Alpha 7 (the 1st 7 origianl stretches produced by Kenner).Look to Ebay for a chance at owning some of the rarest stretches in existence today from Erics Collection.Did I just hear someone say Regret?

Feel free to email me through the contact page if you have any questions.

Dont forget to check out the Stretch Armstrong World Trading post on this site for sale items!