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Stretch Arsmtrong figures store best at around 65 to 68 degrees

Paul "Mr Wonderful Orndorff " is one of the 4 hardest wrestlers to find. Becomming more rare by the day. If you see it, grab it! Value $100.00 to $200.00 Click on the Pic below and see the Origianl Stretch WrestlersTV Commercial of Old.

Rowdy Rody Piper Value$100.00 to $225.00

Rowdy Rody Piper Is another hard one to get.He sometimes is found without his skirt.

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Value$ 100.00 to $180.00

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat is probably the least rare of the top 4 rarest,but still very hard to get. 

Junkyard Dog Value $60.00 to 150.00

Junkyard Dog is the only black Stretch wrestler. I have seen about 4 of these in the last year which isnt too many. Kinda hard one to find.Must have the neck shackel and chain for full value.

King Kong Bundy Value $75.00 to $125

King Kong Bundy Is one of the more popular names from the 80s wrestlers. Who can forget the great cage matches of the 1980s, or when Bud Bundy (as the Bumble Bee) wrestled King Kong Bundy in the sitcom Married with Children. Man was That Funny. I was King Kong Bundys Personal Body guard for about 6 hours when he came to Buffalo New York for a signing event.Gotta have this one just for the name alone.

George The Animal Steele Value $65.00 to $ 125.00

George "The Animal" Steele. , Who could forget the blue tounge.

Hulk Hogan Value$ 155.00 to $300.00 plus .Value as a complete set of 8 figures, $975.00

The Legend Hulk Hogan Is the rarest Stretch wrestler. Go Figure! I have not seen more that just a few in the past 2 years and most were damaged.Hulk Hogan seems to be the only one that comes with a yellowish brown plastic tray as apposed to the white that all the other wrestlers come with. Im not positive, but this may have been done on purpose in production. If anyone knows otherwise please email me.The LJN Stretch Wrestler series pays ohmage to what was the greatest original wrestlers of old.My Opinion, These Wrestlers are Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!