The Stars of the Stretch Kingdom

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The Top 14 Rarest Stretches of the Stretch kingdom!

Here you will see the very Top Rarest Stretches in the Stretch Kingdom and the World.These Stretches are so rare and valuable that any one of them on this list can bring in almost any price. Only a chosen few collectors have gotten their hands on the Elite Stretches on this page. Most people will never get the chance to even see one in person.Only one or a few of these remain on the entire planet Earth! If you have any one of the stretches on this list, consider yourself a member of what is a very limited team of Elite Stretch Collectors.Please know that the Mexican versions of the stretches shown here are also catogorized in the top 14 rarest stretches.

The Stretches on this Page are considered to be the hardest of all the Stretch Figures to find. I not only am listing them according to their scarcity, but also by the odds of them showing up again.

Lets start with the Super Rare Mego Elastic Batman. There are only 2 Batmans known to exist at the present time. I had them both but recently traded one for a super rare Mexican Elastic Superman. Batman is hands down the most valuable stretch figure to date reaching into theseveral thousandss .Due to Batman being produced in the least quantity next to the Plasticman it is currently the rarest of the Mego Elastic Superheroes 2nd only to plasticman of which there is only one currently known to exist.Let me also mention that the Mexican version of this Batman is just as rare. This Batman Figure would without a doubt be the number 1 center piece of any Stretch or Batman Collection

The Super Stretch Mask Figure produced by Kenner is an extremely rare Stretch. Only 6 currently known to exist with a production run of 10 to 50. the Super Stretch mask was proprosed for a full scale production but never made it to store shelves because kenner shot it down. I have 5 of the 7 currently known in existence.

Below Stretch Serpent by Kenner

What can I say about this Ultimate of all stretches. the Stretch Serpent is the second rarest stretch in existence tied with batman and plasticman. The Serpent is one of the non humanoid form of stretches along with the Monster,and Octopi.Ultra Rare Stretch Serpent recently  sold for over $12,000 and is now the second most valuable stretch figure next to Batman.The Serpent will someday be worth a small fortune as it is very unlikely another one will ever be found.

Only 1 Mego Elastic Plasticman?

The Mego Elastic Plasticman is the Undisputed Champion as the number one Rarest Stretch in existence. Only two Plasticman are currently known to exist and a rumored. Plasticman was the last Mego Elastic Superhero along with the Hulk to be produced which is why is is so rare as the litigation between Kenner and Mego haulted production before Mego could pump out there quota of Plasticmen. Plasticman was produced in such small numbers that it is almost extinced.Dont be fooled by the cheap imitations out there. Some people are attatching the Plasticman heads on the 1992 Armstrong Bodies. the real, original Plasticman has the vest tie strings embossed right into the latex in the chest area. An absolutely astounding piece to own and  is one of the top 4 most valuable stretch figures in existence today.

Below The Italian Stretch Armstrong

The Italian Release Stretch Armstrong makes the top rarest stretch list with only two known examples to date, however unlike the Plasticman which you may never see another, There is very likely another Italian Armstrong out there somewhere as there were a fare amount produced and surely more than two survived.

Below Mego Elastic Superman

The Mexican release Elastico Superman shown here for the first time in almost 7 years is the only verified Elastico Superman in existence today. Only a few unverified pictures exist other than my actual confirmed Figure.This beautiful Elastico is still soft and full with no holes or leaks at all! An absolutely amazing stretch to obtain and would place any collector in the Elite Collectors Status. The Mego Elastic Superman is also very rare, with only about 3 seen in the past 7 years, however I do believe you will see one or two more of the Megos Elastics eventually because they were one of the higher quantity produced of the Superheroes and their has to be at least a couple more that did survive the 30 year trip to our present day.The Mexican versions of the Superman and the Mexican Elastico Batman being much rarer than this U.S Mego versions are almost priceless!

Below Mego Elastic Mickey, Donald and Casper

The Mego Elastic Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Casper are to say the least nowhere to be found! It is beyond me as to where these Elastics have gone and If one is ever seen, Jump on it!!! I obtained My mickey from a local antique dealer. I am the only person that owns all three of these immpossible to find Stretches.

Super Rare Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk

The Mego Elastic Hulk above is one of the top 5 rarest stretch Figures. Only 9 of these magical wonders are currently known to exist. The Hulk is very popular among collectors and are immpossible to obtain.One should be satisfied obtaining this figure in any condition.

Below is The highly wanted Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk

The Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk is the number one wanted Stretch by all stretch and Hulk collectors. Only 15 Hulks currently known to exist and produced only in the United Kingdom in very Limited Quantity.

Below, Frankenbumps

Frankenbumps is actually the rarest of all stretch figures with nothing more than a picture to show for its existence. I recently obtained the only prototype Frankenbumps original box which may be the only verifying peice remaining of this insanly rare to extinct stretch figure.Frankenbumps if ever found may actually  prove to be the most valuable stretch figure  in all the Kingdom.

Below is the Very Scarce French Elastic Man

Elasticman is one of those stretches you never would have thought was even produced. This figure is the only one ever seen before. The same figure as the Kenner Stretch Armstrong. Plasticman was licensed under Kenner, produced in England under Meccano as the French version of Stretch Armstrong! How cool is that? A French Armstrong! The box actually has french text. He has almost a suedelike feel to the latex skin and is not likely to show up anytime soon. Again, the Mexican version of the Stretch Armstrong is also just as rare. Making the top 14 rarest stretches, Elasticman is a very very scarce stretch figure!

Mego Elastic Spiderman

Basically all the Mego Elastics are extremely rare. The mego Spiderman has been seen only about 20 times in 7 years hence making the top 14 rarest stretch list. All of the Mego Elastic Stretch Figures are very very rare . The other Mego Elastics are Superman,Batman,PLasticman, Hulk, mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Casper.

Below Tsukada Stretch Monster from Japan

The Stretch Monster from Japan, Produced by Tsukuda is an almost never seen Stretch. Rare!, Rare! Rare! Only one of these Monsters was on ebay several years ago unboxed and never seen since untill recently, several did surface. A total of only about 14 known in existence. This Japenese Monster is extremely scarce and if ever seen one should not hesitste to grab it! Three of these Monsters just sold on ebay in JANUARY 2007 at a sales price between 850.00 and 1,400. This is truley one of the Stretch Masterpieces that would make any stretch collectors collection complete.One of the top of the top 14! Thanks to a very cool and helpfull internet friend who made it possible to own this great Jap Monster and display it here on Stretch Armstrong World for all my fellow collectors to see.Thanks John D.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stretch X Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stretch X Ray owned by Leonardo DiCaprio

This Stretch X Ray, Believe it or not, Is the single most rare Stretch in existence. You might be saying, Stretch King! Are you out of your Friggen Stretchy ass mind! The X Rays are the most common of the first original stretch figures!!! Well Ill tell you why this is the single rarest Stretch. This Stretch X Ray was originally bought brand new and was owned by Leonardo DiCaprio, (The Actor from the Movie Titanic).The only chance of ever finding another one of these X Rays is if you call up Leo, Darn you dont have his Phone Number, Then Ask him to go back to 1977 and buy a new X Ray, Darn again, we havn't invented Time Travel yet, Then after you call Leo and he goes back in time 30 years and hopefully gets back to the future,you can politely ask him to sell it to you. Hows that for Rare! Leonardo DiCaprios personal Stretch X Ray, the only one that will ever exist.

Well there you have it, The most valuable and scarce Stretches in the World. Only here on Stretch Armstrong World!