Me, Lou Ferrigno and the Stretch Incredible Hulk!

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I met Lou Ferrigno 35 years ago. What a great experience that was for me. I was 10 years old and Lou was my Hero. I never missed one Incredible Hulk episode, notta one! Loved it when he would turn green and the rage began to grow. No doubt the best person for the Hulk role. Now 35 years later, I reclently reunited with Lou at a local appearance. Lou looks great and is healthy as horse,I mean Hulk. I had Lou sign two of my mint Denys Fisher Incredible Hulk Boxes and one non mint box and then gifted him one of the ToyShop Magazines I recently had my collection published in for Lou and His Daughter to read on the plane ride back. Lou Ferrigno was and still is the Greatest Bodybuilder of all time having the greatest Symetrical Proportions over any Bodybuilder to date, and to this day stands as the youngest man to win the Mr Universe Title at the young age of 21!

The Stretch King and The Hulk signing the Denys Fisher Stretch Hulk!

Here is a closeup of Lou Ferrigno signing the Super rare only 29 known to exist Stretch Hulks! The only way to really verify any Signiture as the real deal is with an actual photo of the signing as shown here with Lou and I. Hmm? I Wonder??? Do you think Lou's signiture would make this Stretch Hulk more enticing to collectors?

Lou loved the Stretch Hulks and was very interested seeing these relics that mimiced his Hulk Character he portrayed.

Here Big Lou decides where to sign his Mighty Name.

Big Lou and his Daughter saying Cheese, I mean Cornsyrup for the camera.Notice the ToyShop Magazine (featuring the Stretch Armstrong World Collection) I gave Lou sitting on the table

Pictured to the right, Me and Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk" Shaking hands. I can remember back then when I was 10 years old just how huge his Monster hand was. I talked to the hulk for a moment and asked him what was the proper age to start lifting weights? He replied in a deep Hulk Voice "Thirteen, any earlier and you may stunt your growth" Man was I impressed.

Lou displaying his Monster Hulk Hands!

Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk

Whats this? Another Incredible Hulk toy for the Hulk himself! Can you imagine all the great Hulk Figures Lou The Hulk Ferrigno Must Have? The Hulk pictured here is a Mego Plastic Action figure from the 1970s

Lou Ferrigno, The Greatest Bodybuilder of all time!

Lou is still the Largest Bodybuilder that ever competed topping out at a ripped 330 pounds! I can only say that Lou was severely cheated in the Olympia contest back in the 1970s as well as the more recent early 1990s competition. All the Judges that worked that day were either on drugs or paid off because Lou looked absolutely astounding with his seasoned,ripped,perfectly symetrical proportions.There is no doubt in my mind and thousands of others that Lou should have won the Olympia title and as far as im concerned he did. So to the judges, I hope you all have to live with the terrible dishonest decisions you made.You all Suck the Big one! As for Lou ferrigno, He has and will always triumph over anything, because he is thee Hulk!

The Lou and I probing the Stretch Hulk for any air bubbles.Of course none were found because we all know the Stretch King keeps his Hulks filled to the max.

Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk

A happy Lou Ferrigno saying, I have finally found my Stretch Hulk!

Lou and His Daughter discussing the Stretch Hulk that  I just gifted to Lou, Later I bought the Stretch Hulk and an Autographed Hulk Photo back from Lou for 100 bucks,making it an Officially preowned Denys Fisher Stretch Hulk!

The Only Stretch Incredible Hulk Box Ever signed by the Original,True to Life Hulk,Lou Ferrigno. Thanks for a great time Lou.If you want to buy my Stretch Hulk,I have to charge you more Lou because your name is on the box.HA HA!! HE HE!

Above, Lou Ferrigno posing with the Incredible Hulk Figure in Hand. Could this be A Stretch Figure????

Above me and Lou Ferrigno Shaking hands in "1977"

Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk Hulk

The Man who was born to be the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno with The Mego Hulk. Lou Ferrigno has the Worlds Largest Hulk Collection. Notice the Mego Hulk is wearing a wig.Now if you are a true stretchy, you will be able to tell what the actual stretch figure is on Lou's shoulder. Take a guess, its not the stretch Hulk,It is another stretch figure wearing a wig. what stretch is it? Send me an email if you think you may know.What a classic pic.