Meet The Kid on the Hulk Box

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The Kid, The Man, The Legend, The Celebrity!

Have no doubt about it, "This is the man ". Meet Mark Powsney of the United Kingdom age 40, and Meet Mark Powsney age 6 , Kid on the Hulk Box! Way back in the Great 70's, Marks Dad took him to a photo shoot where Mark beat out over 50 other children and became the imortal "Kid on the Hulk Box". Although Marks youthful image is forever frozen in time, Time did take its toll many years ago on what would have been the number 15 Stretch Hulk. Mark did however manage to save the box that he stars on. Because this is such a monumental story, I felt Mark should have his very own page. Mark has achieved celebrity status here on Stretch Armstrong World and will soon be reunited with the Strecth Hulk of his Childhood. Here is the email I recieved from Mark and his great story.

HI, you may wonder why Im contacting you.....well after stumbling upon your website, and being amazed at just how collectable the STretch Hulk is. I just wanted to inform you that I was/am the kid on the box modeling it!!!!!!!!!! I was about 6 years old when I did the photo shoot for the toy.I also did a lot of other toys, magazines etc.My Dad actually took me to the photo shoot and on the way there he bought me some Crisps (potato chips), and when it came to stretching the Hulk, he kept slipping from my hands so they had to stretch him for me and quickly pass the toy back to me for them to take the photo. I only own the box now, the toy passed away years ago, im now 40 years of age, great memories. would love to hear back from you

Kind Regards, Mark Powsney