Mega Blast 40 Pics!

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This is a Mega Blast Photo page of 40 new Stretch Pictures to come. Click on each pic for a Mega Blast Look! 

Want to see the original Mego Elastic Heroes Commercial from the 1970s and other Stretch Commercials? Just search YouTube and type in Mego Elastic and Stretch Armstrong and you will see the original Mego Elastic Commercial!

Here is my newest addition to my super stretch Collection. The Mego Elastic Mickey Mouse. The rarest next to Elastic Donald Duck and Casper. I was contacted by a local person and I purchased it from him the same day. Mickey is in beautiful condition and one of only 7 in existence today.

Shown here for the first time ever is the You Struck Gold! Mexican release Elastico Superman. This Figure still soft with no holes is in fact the only veified Elastico Superman in existence to date with only a few unconfirmed internet photos of this most awsome of stretches.This Elastico measures up with the Mego Plasticman as there are only one of each figure confirmed to exist to date.I recently obtained this fine specimen in trade for the ultimate Mego Elastic Batman of which only 2 exist to date.

This Spidey is hands down the best spidey out ther.This Spidey appeared in the #60 issue of Tomarts Action Figure Digest Magazine back in the 1990s. I cant believe how perfect the skin is. This is very very hard to immpossible to find one of these in such minty condition.If anyone out there has a good one, I would love to see pics and place it on my website.These Spideys are getting very difficult to find in any condition.

This is the very first Look at the only existing Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk Box Number Tape that was never cut.This box was opened only from the bottom! I honestly do not think there is another one like it because not too many kids would have chosen to open there new Stretch Hulk from the bottom. Stretchys behold! this amazing artifact.This box by far is the prize in my entire stretch collection which i keep covered in clear plastic for protection.

The Stretch King in the flesh going head to head with the HULK! Man do I have a big head! It looks like someone Stttttrrrrrretched it and filled it with cornsyrup! Just look at that thing! I never knew just how big my noggen was till I took this darn picture. Guess a big head is what you get when you own all these stretches.

These are just 7 of my 14 Perfectly Soft, Muscle Ripped, Not a one blemish, Brand spanken New, Vintage Stretch Armstrongs!

A true Stretch Collector Must have at least a few Original Stretch Armstrongs. Here are 7 more for ya

This is a new picture of the elusive Mego Frankenbumps. This is the back side of the box. Only known frankenbumps to exist as it is said that there was only one prototype made.I recently purchased this only existing Frankenbumps box

Well folks, I have it! I have just made an astounding trade with our very own Eric Pfieffer in order to obtain this insanely rare Elastic Casper for my collection.Eric has helped me greatly to gain more ground in my quest for the titlle of Stretch Wizard! I also gained a Sulc Toys Barney Rubble from Argentina which is another one of a kind piece.Thanks Eric, Great trade for both of us. Enjoy that $7,000 dollar ,Batman you dirty bastard ya!

Here is a real neat Japenese Stretch Armstrong from 1992. This is the Cap Toys version from Japan. Stretches shirt reads Stretch Stronger instead of Stretch Armstrong because the word stronger translated easier in the Japanese language

Here is a very first look at what was to be the Stretch Alligator from Kenner. This is the confidential Binder from kenner showing the proposed Stretch Alligator.. Did one ever actually get produced??????

Above is the actual cardboard Shipping box that held the Italian Stretch Monsters, or the Mr Mostro.The Mostros were shipped in this case of 4 count just like the Armstrongs,and X rays in the U.S.A very fine item to have from a collectors standpoint.

A great picture from the confidential Kenner Binder of Stretch X Ray. This was the proposed idea that was given to the big shots at Kenner for consideration of mass production.This is an actual Camera Photgraph of the X Ray that was attatched to the page.

Here is the Kenner Stretch Binder. This is the actual Employee Binder filled with Kenner Toy proposals for the upper management to consider for production.

What the hell ??

Not only do I have 5 Denys Fisher Stretch Hulks! But I now have 5 Super Mega Rare Super Stretch Masks!!! Only 3 of my 5 are pictured here till i update the pic.There is said to be only 5 to 50 of these ever made and olny 3 boxes ever made.They are in fact all prototypes.I am a very big Jim Carrey fan and hope to someday have Jim sign either the Box or Figure. Man,these are the super coolest stretches.

Click On this Spidey Pic to see the Mego Elastic Commercial. Above is a mego spiderman that I brought back to life with Plastic Surgery. This is the same Spidey as the one in the picture 2 below. This is the before pic.This Spidey had a hole across the chest, hole in each shoulder and the wrist.You can see the darker red patchwork across the entire chest and other areas. I actually created the spider on its chest which I then coveres with matching spidey red latex to make it closer to the original condition. This is a very hard figure to get and this one is now filled with the dry substance and will never have latex breakdown syndrome again.This is one of only 4 Spideys I know to exist.Be sure to click on pic for a better look.

Above is a Mega Rare Stretch X Ray Store Display that was hung from Department Store cielings and shelves. The 2 pics above are actually the exact same display with picture taken at only a slighty different angel. Notice the figure appears to be stretched in one pic and at ease in the other. This is caused from the Hallographic image this display was made with. very very cool and one of a kind. This X ray display is my favorite piece in my collection Valued at over $1,000. This very obscure Stretch X Display Measure almost 2 1/2 feet tall.

Two of the hottest Hulk collectables ever!

Above is the full size Olivia Octopus and the mini Olivia Octopus.You might think that the octopi in the boxes were two different sizes.WRONG! they were actually both full size Octopi's.The Smaller box was produced by Denys Fisher and they simply conserved on cardboard and stuffed a full size Octopus inside.They also illiminated the need for the most awesome Kenner Styrofoam Pedistal and cap leaving just enough room for a cardboard insert that was placed around the octopus and then slid into the box.This is an amazingnly rare Mini Octopus Box of whcih only two exist to date.

This is a Mego Elastic Spiderman that I repaired. Some Lucky person won this on my auction.I had pants proffesionally made that look exactly like the original. This spidey was totally empty and had a hole across the chest, shoulders and stomach. I made latex patches and matched the spidey red and filled it with dry substance. This Spidey looks awsome and is one of very few remaining.

For Fetch Commercial,1st click on pic, select 1990s, then select Toys, and then page 20. Here is the only Fetch Armstrong I have ever seen with a Red Jacket. The Stretch Dogs are becomming very scarce.

The Life Blood of the 1976 Stretch Armstrong. This stuff is so sticky you could literally stick some on your ass and hang from the ceiling. I have devised an ingenious process that allows me to work with this stuff and refill and repair the stretches. Notice the Red color. the X rays have an amber color and the Monsters and Octipi are clear. Doesnt taste all that bad either.

A very very Rare and totally mega cool Stretch Armstrong Box. This Box was produced only in 1977, one year after the original release. Resembling the Mego Elastic Boxes, This Box has an open front that allows you to see the figure as pictured above while stretch is in the coffin. There is a seperate Cardboard picture of Stretch shown below that sits on the top of the coffin and slides in seperately from the box. The only one I have seen in my 10 years of collecting. By the way, did you look at that Armstrong? What a beaut! That Stretch Armstrong in that box above is my finest most perfect Stretch Armstrong. It is so perfect that I would not sell it for 5,000 bucks. Its that nice.

This is what the Stretch Armstrong Head looks like from inside. There is a square ridge that slips over the neck flange and locks on the head. These are farely easy to remove but the Mego elastics are almost immpossible to remove having a triple neck flange and a much more harder plastic head.

This is Drugs.....This is your Stretch on Drugs...... Any Questions?

Consumer Product Safety Commission head David Arnell holds one of the alleged Hazardous, way cool Action Figures. Stretch Armstrongs were recalled back in 2000 for supposedly poseing a strangulation hazard to children under 10 years of age. These claims were never proven and to this day are only based on hearsay. David Arnsell himself is quoted in saying "Would you believe that after all my begging and pleading to my parents, not one of those 40,000 Armstrongs that were produced ended up in my hands? Boy ,I wish I could get a hold of one of those things" Oh Yeah, I forgot about the Hulk One! And my cousin Shelly had one of the pink Octopuses. I think they came in blue too, Hurry Ive got to call her right now!"

Kristen is pictured above with her Octopi Buds on each shoulder. Pictured to the right of Kristen are Octopi Birthday Cakes.

Above are my 6 Stretch Incredible Hulks made by Denys Fisher toys in the United Kingdom. You are looking at one third of all the Hulks in existence today.

The Almighty Stretch Serpent. The Serpent has the coolest Styrofoam Coffin that perfectly contours the snakelike shape. The Serpent is truley a rare and valuable piece.Prior to the only Stretch Serpent sale a few years ago i predicted that the serpent would sell for well over $10,000 dollars and in fact it sold for $12,500 lasting only one hour on auction!!