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Will you be the next Stretch King?

Would the King actully sell?  probably not,but it doesnt hurt to make an offer.....

The only Complete Stretch Collection in the World of ever Stretch Figure version every produced!

How much is the Stretch Kings Massive Stretch Collection Worth?

Do you have what it takes to own this one of a kind massive stretch Collection?

Make Me an Offer!

Ever wonder what the value of the only massive Stretch Armstrong Collection in the World would be?My Stretch Collection is the only collection of its kind in the world as a complete collection of every full size stretch figure ever produced! Well,here is my enormous collections total value incuding all my incredibly rare Mandrel/Molds,One of a Kind Blue Prints,Rare store Displays,vintage Stretch Monster and X Ray TV Commercials on the origianl 9mm film reels, Memorabillia,Celebrity owned figures,Autographed Lou Ferrigno boxed Hulks,every single Stretch Figure and and are you ready?, The Stretch Armstrong World Website! and rights and ownership of the domain name if a sale ever actually transpired.Thats right! the entire Stretch Figure lot and Stretch Armstrong World Website! You may say,holy crap! you gotta be kidding Stretch King, even Stretch Armstrong World Itself! Well my Stretchys,The Stretch King never jokes about the Stretches.I have accumulated years of past and recent Stretch Sales to achieve an accurate and true value of my vast Stretch Collection as well a recent sales of December 2, 2007 of the non mint number 15 Denys Fisher Stretch Hulk selling at over $4,000, sale of 5 Stretch Figures for over $9,000 to a United Kingdom Resident and the most recent sale of a Mego Elastic Batman for $7,500 on 3/4/08 and the Mighty Stretch Serpent Sale at over $12,000 on 5/14/08. I have taken into consideration the condition of every figure and priced them accordingly.PLease Keep in mind most of my stretch figures are mint beyond what you have seen even in recent ebay sales.This Stretch Figure Collection is the only one in the world of its kind and is nearly immpossible to attain as many of these figures exist only in my collection.There have been ligitimate offers up to $12,000 for mint Mego Elastic Hulks and Denys Fisher Hulks as well as a 2008 plasticman sale of $6,000 and again the most recent and amazing Stretch Serpent Sale of over $12,000 witch I review here on my website.These figures are worth every penny as they are that rare.The stated value if anything is conservative as I even averaged the Hulks each at only $5,600 as a bulk sale discount and the actual value of the Hulks are 8,000 to 12,000.The Question is, Would I actually sell them ? If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to make me an offer,Please keep in mind that I really am not looking to sell, however I just may do it. I will consider any reasonable offers. The Value of my Entire Stretch Armstrong figure Collection summerized below.

I may sell certian Stretch Figures seperately, Please contact me from the contact page if you have one in mind that you would like to purchase.I will gladly offer courtesy discounts on any Stretch sale.

Stretch Figures

Mego Elastic Hulk $7,000
Mego Elastic Superman $3,200
Mego Elastic Plasticman $5,000
Mego Elastic Spiderman Mint $3,400
Mego Elastic Batman $18,200
Mexican Batman Skin $200.00
Mexican Ensueno Superman $7,800
Mego Elastic Mickey Mouse $1000.00
Mego Elastic Donald Duck $1000.00
Mego Elastci Casper $2000.00
Stretch Mask Painted Boxed $2,000
Stretch Mask Painted Boxed $2,000
Stretch Mask Unpainted/Boxed $1,600
Stretch Mask Unpainted No Box $1,400
Stretch Mask Unpainted No Box $1,400

Stretch Mask Complete paintwork $3,800

Stretch Monster Kenner complete Mint rare green coffin $2,000
Stretch Monster Denys Fisher Mint $1,500
Stretch Monster Denys Fisher Mint $1,500
Stretch Monster Tsukuda JAPAN $1,600
Stretch Monster Meccano France $900.00
Stretch Monster Herbert Sport Italy $1,000

Stretch Monster Toltoys Australia $1,200

Stretch Armstrong Complete Rare Window Box Mint $3,000
Stretch Armstrong Kenner Complete Mint $2,500
Stretch Armstrong Kenner Complete Mint $2,500
Stretch Armstrong Kenner Mint $2,000
Stretch Armstrong Kenner Mint $2,000
Stretch Armstrong Kenner Mint $2,000
Stretch Armstrong Mint $1,500
Stretch Armstrong Denys Fisher Mint $1,800

Stretch Armstrong Unboxed Mint $1,000
Stretch Armstrong Meccano France ElasticMan $1,000.00
Stretch Armstrong TolToys Australia $2,900
Stretch Armstrong Germany $2,700
Stretch Armstrong Herbert Sport Italy $2,400.00
Stretch Armstrong Manhood only 2 ever produced $7,000
Stretch Armstrong France $2,000
Stretch Armstrong Tsukuda Japan $900.00
Stretch El Hombre Elastico Mexico Armstrong $2,800
Stretch X Ray, Preowned Leonardo DiCaprio $3,000
Stretch X Ray Unusually Soft $950.00
Stretch X Ray UK London $400.00
Stretch Olivia Octopus $650.00
Stretch Olivia Octopus $400.00
Stretch Olivia Octopus $500
Stretch Olivia Octopus $650.00
Stretch Olivia Octopus $650.00
Stretch Olivia Octopus$650.00
Stretch Ollie Octopus $450.00
Stretch Ollie Octopus $450.00
Stretch Ollie Octopus $450.00
Stretch Ollie octopus $450.00
Stretch Ollie octopus $450.00
Stretch Ollie Octopus $450.00
Stretch Serpent $12,800
Stretch Denys Fisher Hulk Mint/Signed by Ferrigno C 10 Box 10,000
Stretch Denys Fisher Hulk Mint/Signed by Ferrigno 7 Box 7,000
Stretch Denys Fisher Hulk Boxed $4,000
Stretch Denys Fisher Hulk Boxed $4,000
Stretch Denys Fisher hulk box Copy $3,000
Stretch Barney rubble $500.00
Stretch Fred Flintstone $475.00
Stretch Armstrong Cap Toys 1st Release $175.00
Stretch Armstrong Cap Toys 2nd Release. $175.00
Stretch Armstrong Ninja Cap Toys $300.00
Stretch Armstong Cap Toys Muscolo Italy $500.00
Stretch Armstrong Japan Cap toys $275.00
Stretch Vac Man USA Mint $150.00
Stretch Vac Man Japan Mint $250.00
Stretch Fetch Dog $400.00
Stretch Scooby Doo $100.00
Stretch Genie $350.00
Stretch Homer Simpson $100.00
Stretch Wrestlers, Set $900.00
Stretch Mr Fantastic 1st Release Unpainted $200.00
Frankenbumps Box ,only original box in existence $1,80.00
Drastic Elastic Xtendinator $650.00
Stretch Scooby Doo $100.00
Stretch Homer Simpson $100.00
Stretch homer Simpson $100.00
Stretch Incredible Hulk Screamer $100.00
Stretch Armstrong sealed,unopened Only one in existence $5,000 total $140,175.00


Stretch Armstrong Ceramic $1,700
Stretch Armstrong Ceramic with clip $1,900
Stretch Armstrong Ceramic Red Agent $2,000
Stretch Armstrong Aluminum $2,900
Stretch Armstrong Aluminum $2,900
Stretch Armstrong Aluminum $2,900
Stretch Monster Aluminum $4,900
Stretch X Ray Aluminum $1,400
Stretch Armstrong Cap Toys $250.00
Stretch Armstrong Cap Toys Rare 1/2 Mold $275.00
Stretch Drastic Elastic Xtendinator Rubber $750.00
Vac Man Aluminum $475.00
Mini Fetch Armstrong $100.00

Serpent Ceramic Head $600.00
Mini Stretch Armstrong Woman $50.00
Stretch Genie $300.00
Stretch Genie $350.00
Stretch Genie Black Rubber $375.00
Stretch kangaroo $200.00 Total $22,025

Stretch Memorbillia

Stretch X Ray Holgraphic hanging Store display $1,050.00
Mr X Jap Sumo Robe $700.00
Alphia 7 limited Edition oil Paintings set $1,400
Original HMS Stretch Armstrong Blueprint $4,800
Origianl Mego Elastic Hulk Blueprint $3,400
Origianl Mego Elastic Superman Logo BluePrint $200.00
Stretch Monster TV Commercial on original 9mm reels $700.00
Stretch X Ray TV Commercial on original 9mm reels $600.00

Stretch Batman,Superman Mego elastic commercials 9mm rees 1,000Total $10,350.00

Stretch Armstrong World Website $$$$ ????

Grand Total Of the Stretch Kingdom $171,000

I will personally deliver my collection anywhhere in the USA to your front door step under personal escort so your new stretch collection arrives safely. 

I have recently sold off many of my Mego easltic stretch figures like Batman,Spiderman,Superman, etc.Although I no longer have several of my figures I do still have the bulk of my collection and will consider selling figures seperatly from the list you see here on this page.PLease contact me to find out if I have what your looking for.


Shown here are just some of my Stretch Armstrong figures in my giant Stretch Collection. I have other stretch figures, some duplicates not shown here, including Incredibly rare Stretch Masks, Denys Fisher Hulks, and Mego Elastics.

My Stretch Collection is the largest collection of Stretch Figures ever assembled under one owner. A totally unbeatable collection that includes rare figures from every toy company that produced them, including, Kenner, Mego, Toltoys, Justoys,Meccanno,Lily Ledy, Herbert Sport and more! Most every stretch figure in my collection is mint or close to mint.

This is the actual very first Blue Print of the Legendary Stretch Armstrong Figure. This is another amazing one of a kind piece.I was offered over $3,000 for this Armstrong Blue Print from 2 seperate Toy Art and Vintage Toy Collectors.

The very first Blue Print of the Mega Rare Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk. These Blueprints are the very first phase of what became the legendary Stretch figures. This is the only one of its kind and is extremly valuable.I also have the only Mego Elastic Superman Logo Blue Print in existence.

Just a few of my Incredibly rare origianl porcelian and aluminum factory dip molds used in the production of the great vintage stretch figures. Its debatable as to weather the Porcelian Molds are more valuable than the aluminum molds as they are both almost impossible to find. Molds such as the one of a kind Aluminum Stretch Monster Mold are worth several thousand dollars. as I have had numerous offers for the monster mold and others from  vintage toy and toy mold collectors, although the offers were very high, it was not enough for me to let go of such a rare piece. You can always make more money but you cannot make an original Stretch Piece.

One of a kind Limited Edition Oil Paintings of the Alpha 7,(the first 7 origianl stretch figures). These one of one limited edition paintings were done by the Gallery Hidden Art Studio in Chicago by the artist Esqui. Valued at over $1,500.

The Prize of my Stretch Collection,The Mego Elastic Batman which is valued over $15,000! This Batman is only one of 2 in existence to date and is the only mint example of its kind. An incredibly valuable and insanly rare strech figure that may sell for much more.

Shown below is just one of my many foriegn stretch armstrongs from Germany of which I have from every foreign country they were produced: Italy,Austraila,Germany,Japan,France, Mexico,and the United Kingdom.It took me over 7 years to accumulate this wide range of stretch figures and if one were to try and collect this massive collection now one by one it would be unnatainable because these rare figures exist in very small quantities to none.

My collection also includes stretch figures that were previosly owned by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio's Stretch X Ray as well as a Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk that Lou Ferrigno himself had in his own hands.Shown here is Big Lou signing my Denys Fisher Stretch Hulk which I had traded Lou for his signed Hulk Photo and then bought the Stretch Hulk back from Lou with his signiture on the box for 100 bucks , so it is now officially a preowned Lou Ferrigno Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk!

Below is The Stretch Armstrong World Website Home page Logo.Stretch Armstorng World.Com is an exclusivly owned Domain name which I started almost 4 years ago when I decided to share my stretch collection with the world.Little did I know what a big hit it would be among so many baby boomers and kids alike.These Vintage Stretch Figures seem to have a hold on the memories of millions of people all over the world. This is somthing I can attest to by the literally hundreds of emails I recieve each month inquiring about how to purchase,sell, and repair these incredibly rare stretch action figures. Its great to hear from so many stretchy's reminicing of the fun we all had in the good old days.Stretch Armstrong World is the one and only original Stretch Armstrong collectors website created by the one an only Stretch King! Stretch Armstrong World is the only website where you wil find every bit of information you will ever need to start and maintiain your Vintage Stretch Figure collection.