The Stretch Armstrong Aluminum Dip Molds/ Mandrels

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Here are the most unbelievable, rare and original Aluminum Dip Molds that were used to make the almighty Stretches of Old. These Molds (Mandrels) exist in extremely low numbers, some as few as one. This is because the Mandrels were sent off to the scrap yards after production and as recently as august of 2007 when the original factory that dipped these molds closed its doors permanently and scrapped the very last remaining mandrels.Because of the  patented trade mark on these toys and their design,these Mandrels were thrown in large metal bins and locked away under tight security till they were sent off to the scrap yard and destroyed!. Only a few made there way out of the factory. These are the last existing molds of there kind. These molds are extremely rare and valuable.Notice they have a whitish residue on them. This is the pure talc powder they were treated with as a release agent for the latex. Enjoy a look at these fine and extremly rare pieces of Stretch History! In 2007 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the actual employee that dipped these molds for almost 30 years and discuss the dipping process and machines used to make them.Because the X Employee wished to remain anonymous, I will refer to him as Kramer in the iterview prcess.I have placed the interview here on Stretch Armstrong World.A great thanks to Kramer for making it possible to obtain these fine rare molds and keep them preserved here on Stretch Armstrong World for all to see. You can read the full interview on the page labled "the Abbot Laboratory interview"




A first look at the only existing proof of a Stretch Armstrong Woman. Did this mold ever become the finished figure? or did it stop here. Either way, this great and one of a kind mold is proof that the idea did make it past the drawing board.

This is one of only 2 Stretch Monster mold ever seen. This and the other are most likely the only Monster molds left in existence today. My favorite of all the aluminum mandrels.You are looking at an extremely valuable piece. Very detailed scales and lines this Monster Mandrel was originally carved in plaster to the most extreme detail. This is one mold that is NOT for sale .You can see the very first plaster sculpt of the Monster at the bottom of the page.

The original one and only, Stretch Armstrong Aluninum Dip Mold! I know of only 5 of these in existence and they were all in my personal collection at one time.I have since sold all but one. It is possible that there may be one more out there somewhere. A very very Rare and valuable collectors piece as this was the very first aluminum mold that lead to the production of so many other stretch figure variations.

You guessed it! . The 1992 Cap Toys Stretch Armstrong Mold! Cap Toys brought the Stretch Armstrong back in 1992 and slapped a comical Blond Haired giant toothed head on it to become the new Stretch Armstrong. I have seen only about about 10 of these mandrels to date. They are very heavy, solid Aluminum and very very cool.

Made of a very odd Rubber exterior layered over a more solid interior at the head and neck only as to secure the bolt for mounting to the rail. This mold is actually somewhat flexible. This mega rare one of a kind piece is the exact same shape as the Stretch Mask Figure but with more detail.You can see the white talc powder in the etched areas that resemble featherlike qualities. Could this be a revised Mask mold? Actually this is the Drastic Elastic Stretch Figure mold from Justoys. the Draastic Elastic line of stretches consists of 2 stretch figures,The Xtendinator shown here and his enemy Xpando Commando.believe it or not this old is in fact the same mold as the Stretch Mask but it has simply been revised with different detail,however the shape is identicle. This is one of the several molds I just purchased from the employee that actually dipped them back in the day.The Factory recently closed and all the dip molds were scrapped. This mold surely is one of kind.You can see this actual stretch figure on the Mego 40 page 2 and Value Guide Page 5.

The Cap Toys Fetch Armstrong Stretch Dog! Oh Yeah! Looks pretty goofy without the head. This is the smaller version shown here, however they are exactly the same form shape except for there size.I do have the full size fetch Production mold in my coolection as well a this smaller one.

This is how the Dip molds looked as they were lowered into the magical liquid latex. This is the actual dip rail the molds were mounted to at the head flange with bolts. Pretty awsome!

Stretch kangaroo?????

Talk about an amazing find! Here is a very unique and very rare Stretch Kangaroo. This is a very large full size stretch mold that was untill now only said to exist. Here is proof that the Kenner Stretch Kangaroo was in the works. The front paw limbs that are missing would have been attatched to the upper head and torso area as non latex appendages. This figure most likely was never produced in the latex form.However it is possible that they did dip a few or even several kangaroos for presentation to the upper managment for consideration.As of now this is the only remaining proof that Kenner did in fact begin the process. Click on pic for a full size view.

Here is the Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk Mold.The reason I say this is the Hulk mold is because of the unique green color it has. I can only assume this was Denys Fishers way of identifying them as the Hulk molds since the Denys Hulk and the Stretch Armstrong were made from the exact same mold.The Denys Fisher Hulk is exclusive to the united Kingdom and although produced in England it is to be considered one of the very first 7 original Stretch figures produced including Kenners Stretch Armstrong, Monster,Ollie and Olivia Octopus,Stretch X Ray and the Stretch Serpent.the Denys Fisher hulk was not only made from the same exact mold as the arsmtrong but it was also packaged with the same box design,graphics and instructions as the kenners figures. A very rare piece indeed.

Below is a different version of the Stretch X Ray mold

This Origianl Kenner Stretch X Ray Mold.The only one of these special molds I have ever seen in all my years of collecting. The Stretch X Ray Figure is a very popular stretch among collectors.It is always mistaken for the 1992/1993 Stretch Armstrong production mold because it is very very similiar.However the differences are in the neck and the body itself.The neck in the X ray Mold has a V shape over the collar bone area where the arsmtrong mold is not V it is curved.Also,the X ray Mold has a thinner torso and limb joints. I being the Almighty Stretch King am the only person to uncover these differences.If you ever see this mold anywhere do not hesitate to buy it at any cost as the X Mandrel is very obscure.

What gigantic mold could this be? Hmm ??? Did you guess it yet?? No, Ill give you one more try, Tic Toc Tic Toc, Ok Ok! Its the Original, Orangy Red Corn Cob filled Cap Toys Vac Man! This is believe it or not one of only three in existence. This thing is enormous!, and super heavy and cool! If you collect the Vacman figure, you must have this Mold with the figure. I have 2 of the three vac man Molds and am selling one of them on ebay right now! Go there and buy it! Its the only one left!!!

Here is an unbelievably unique and obscure Stretch Serpent Head Wax Mold. This wax mold exsists somewhere, but has yet to appear other than this single picture. This was what eventually became the awsome green plastic head for what is the most unattainable stretches ever. I do not own this serpent head mold howver i do have another very rare plaster serpent head mold in my collection that looks just like this one.

The very rare and fragile porcelian Stretch Armstrong Mold. There are currently only about 7 of these in existence and that number may only decrease as these porcelan molds can crack if not stored correctly. I personally had 5 of these rare molds in my collection howeve i have since sold 2 of them leaving now 3..These are very rare pieces and of the highest quality and detail as apposed to the Aluminum Armstrong Version which were a bit smoother and less defined. The red color is a release agent applied to the mold as well as talc powder. You will notice that the very defined Stretch Armstrong figures had such detail and shape.this is because these Armstrongs were dipped with these very defined porcilan molds as appose to the smoother less defined aluminum molds.If you find a Stretch Armstrong with a nice 6 pack and smooth skin and nicley formed chest,it is in fact a porcilan armstrong made from one of thes molds and is worth over twice the value of one made from an aluminum mold.these molds were used in the early stages of production and although they created a much more defined and perfect figure,they also cracked very easily in the production process making not only the mold themselves more valuable than the aluminum molds but the Stretch Armstrong figures that were produced from these molds a well.

Above in the lower right smaller picture is what Stretch Armstrong almost looked like before the revisions were made and and it finally became what it is today. This as well as the Monster mold is one of the very first carvings of the proposed stretch armstrong and Monster figure as seen from the eye of the creators mind as he manually carved every curve.These are by every sense of the word the alphas of every stretch armstrong and Monster figure you see today.This is where they all came from .You can see the monsters shoulders and arm position are much different from the final version. as well as A much bulkier, stiffer look to the stretch armstrong.