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Order your Official Stretch Arsmtrong World Appraisal

Would you like to know what your stretch figure is worth? Wouldnt it be great to have an official Stretch Armstrong World appraisal to go along with your vintage Stretch Armstrong Figure? Well, now you can.Just send your stretch figure to Stretch Armstrong World and I, "The Stretch King" will personally inspect and clean you stretch figure and send it back to you with an Official Stretch Armstrong World Appraisal that you can use to verify its value for insurance purposes, trades and resale of your figure.When appraising your Stretch Figure, I use not only my many years of expertise in collecting stretches, but also tons of information,past auctions and recent private sales to derive the most accurate appraisal possible. All Official Appraisals will contain a detailed summary that is unique to your specific stretch figures overall condition. Your appraisal will come to you on an official Stretch Armstrong World Appraisal Certificate like the one shown below and will have the Official Stretch Armstrong World Wax Seal stamped right on the front as proof of its  authenticity. Once you receive your Appraisal you can frame or file it away in a safe place for the future. You may also send a copy to your insurance company to insure your valuable vintage Stretch Figure remains covered in case of a fire, or theft.If you are not comfortable sending your stretch figure in the mail, I also offer basic appraisals from photos through email, however,Basic Photo Appraisals will not come on an official Stretch Armstrong World Appraisal Certificate and may not be sufficiant for insurance purposes. Photo Appraisals do not have the Official Stretch Armstrong World Wax Stamp Mark and will be mailed to you on a white sheet of paper with the Stretch Armstrong World logo and are not as detailed as an Official Appraisal because I cannot personally verify the skin condition as well as other factors that require a hands on inspection. for Photo Appraisals,You would be required to send me pictures of the front and back of the figure, front and back of the head and close ups of any obvious damage or holes in the skin.Also required would be pictures of all sides of any box or coffin and you would need to answer several questions I will have in order to accertain its value. Official Appraisals are $40.00 and Basic Photo Appraisals are $25.00. Return shipping on Official Appraisals is also required and usually costs about $12.00 to $15.00 in the U.S. Return shipping of $15.00 can be paid in advance.You must choose for yourself just which appraisal is right for you.Obviously a Stretch Figure with extensive damage may not warrent an official Appraisal.The Stretch King will be happy to help you in any way I can, so please contact me through the contact page and request your Official Stretch Armstrong World Appraisal Today!

Please return to this page soon,I have not yet finished the Appraisal Forms and will post a photo when I begin taken Appraisal requests. Thank You ,Stretch King