Christmas 1976-1979

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             A Very Stretchy Christmas  

Ahh,The good old days of Christmas. As a kid back in the 70's I remember looking out my front window as the Buffalo Blizzard of 77 took hold giving me 2 weeks off from school to stretch my Monster.Those were the days.Wait a minute, Stretch My Monster?, Now that just sounds downright weird! 

Send in pics of your Stretch back then and Ill place them on this page. Be sure to click on each pic for a super size look!

The Monster was so much bigger back then!

 Check out my man Terry here as a Big Kid and the pics of him as a little Kid on the right doing the tugawar. 30 years later and still loven the stretches!!!!

Check out that minty new box, if only we would have known!

This is a 1970s Stretch Monster pic I found on the internet.Check out the Monster using his muscle to hold the two chairs together.

Christmas Vacation, Cousin Eddy, Man was that a classic

Just look how cute this little girl is holding the most awsome Stretch Monster. Little did she know that the Stretch Octopi would be showing up the following Christmas under the tree.

Just think, That Monster was only a few day old, Talk about mint! Christmas of 1978 sure was great for this guy.

My first workout!

This is Terry above doing a serious Armstrong workout tugawar. Man does he look happy!

Sample Photo 9

A more recent memory of the Stretch Mr Fantastic our kids may someday collect.

Tell me this face doesent say it all. Wide eyed and happy with Stretch in both hands.

Now this guys really stretchen!

The Godlike Moose Cups

The two pals having a Great Christmas with Stretch Armstrong. Hey! Where the heck are his shorts??

                                        The Olivia Octopus hair weave.