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       Mego Blast 40 "The Oddities"


Here on Mega 40 pics,"The Oddities",you will find things that even the Stretch King himslef never knew existed.These items are so astounding that you wont believe they exist even when you see the pictures.You know? kinda like a UFO.These are truley the oddities of the Stretch Kingdom .

Wait just a minute! Do you see what I see? I mini Stretch Ollie Octopus!!! This just cannot be real!! Well boys and girls, it is! I the Stretch King recently bought this mini Stretch Octopus Box on ebay and upon opening it out of the shipping box to my complete,utter suprise and shock,It was a Stretch Ollie Octopus box about one third the size of the origianl octopus.You may be thinking the octopus that goes in this box is smaller than the full size figure.However it is actually the smae size figure.This mini box came with a cardboard sleeve insert that the full size ollie was squeezed into then slid into the outer box.This saved on shelf space as well as shipping and cost.The Graphics are identical and as you can see its produced by Denys Fisher.I still cannot believe I got this becasue I was expecting a larger box as I didnt even notice it was smaller from the auction pics without another box to campare it to.The top edges are clean cut with no sign of any missing flaps.Hows that for the first entry to the Stretch Oddities page?

Again you can see the graphics are identical to the original full size Ollie Box.he instructions that came with this mini ollie were full size like the original .Click on photo for a larger view

What? A Grey Stretch Octopus? After seeing this,you can just imagine how many other oddities are out there.Hmm,I wonder what gender this Octopus is?

This is in fact the one of only 3 Mego Elastic Batman figures left in the world today.Notice how clear the Batman logo is on the chest.This heavy emmbossment into the latex is the number one detail used to verify it is a real and original mego Elastic batman figure.There are many so called batman skins out there mostly with Plastiman heads attached to them.These skins are not real batman skins,They are factory rejects made in mexico.The Batman logo did not stamp clear enough on the skin so they were rejected and tossed into nowhere land.They were origianlly going to be Batman skins put out by Ensueno toy company untill the Kenner/mego lawsuit froze all production of their Mego Elastic Line whcih in turn haulted ensuenos version of Mego Stretch figures.

Sample Photo 5

This is an extremly rare full size stretch figure produced and sold only in Italy.I just traded one of my rare stretch Mask figures for this one.The stretch figure you see here is called Rubber and its a popular comic/cartoon character in Italy.All the text on the box is of course in italian.I am curenbtly trying to translate the text and also find out more information about this obscure stretch for all my fellow stretch collectors.Ultimately i would say that this stretch figure isgoing to be an incredible hard if not immpossible stretch to find for your collection.He is very large,nice and full of syrup and mint condition.Time will tell just how rare this figure is.Keep your eyes on Ebay in the future,he may pop up.

Sample Photo 7

Sample Photo 8

Sample Photo 9

Sample Photo 10

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12