The 11 Mego Elastic Incredible Hulks

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The 11 Mego Elastic Incredible Hulks

The 11 Mego Elastic Incredible Hulks are among the rarest of all the Stretch Figures. Mego discontinued there Elastic Superheroes line due to the lawsute filed by Kenner. The Elastic Hulk was one of the final Elastic Superheroes to be produced along with the Elastic Plasticman and their production ran short due to this Kenner/Mego litigation which is why it is so rare.This is an Official Count of all the Known Hulks in existence to date.The last and most recent Hulk to appear was the number11 Hulk in May of 2009. Compare the Mego Hulks count to the Denys Fisher Hulks count on the next page from time to time and see which Hulk is more rare.The Mego Hulks are biginning to catch up with the Denys Hulks.An amazing Stretch Figure that are normally found in need of at least some repair.The following Values vary due to the Skin condition or blemishes, Box rating ,softness, Shape or Symitry as well as other factors. As with any Stretch Figure even a tiny hole can decrease the value by hundreds or even thousands depending on its location and severity.Keep in mind that anything as rare as these Hulks are gonna cost ya, even one in bad conditon is worth a few thousand.If you are ever lucky enough to find one, buy it! no matter the condition. You will most likey not get another chance. Any Hardcore Mego or Stretch collector knows that owning one of these Incredibly Rare Elastic Hulks places them in an elite collectors status far among all other collectors.Just think about it,only 11 in the entire world!



Mego Elastic Hulk #1  A most perfect Hulk figure still in absolute original cornsyrup filled condition with no leaks and still soft and flexible. It just breathes Rage with its buldging bicepts and the massive Hulk Chest. The Mego Employee that made this one definitley followed the rules.Stuffed to the maximus,this is one heavy Hulk!. ,  Behold fellow Collectors! You are looking at what is one of only 2 most perfect and untouched Mego Elastic Hulks left on the planet worth over $10,500 and beyond !!!!$$$$$$

Mego Hulk #3 owned by a resident of the United Kingdom is a most pleasing Stretch Specimen I just recently finished operating in this Hulk which involved ablood transfusion or( adding some syrup) and closing up the collar bone insicion where the refill procedure was performed. He now looks incredible! Box Copy made by the King, and instructions. A very repectable Hulk Valued at $4,400

Mego Hulk #5 owned by toy collector named Green Goliath and is a very repectble Hulk Specimen, however this Hulk is stuck to the coffin and may need some repair.Origianl Box.This is only an estimated value with assumed repairs.Estimated value of $3,400 to $5,000

The Lucky #7 Mego Elastic Hulk is owned by an associate of the Mego Museum Website. Looks to be in exceptional condition. The Mego Elastics were all sold with there clothing off the figure and placed in the front just as this Hulk shows. This indicates that this Hulk may be in very untouched condition.The box does exibit some tears. Placing an exact value on this Hulk would be unfair because I know nothing about its actual present condition. I will however say that it is worth up to $8,000 if its close to mint.

Here is the #8 Mego Elastic Hulk The Greenest And Meanest of all the Hulks! I just recently purchased this fine specimen and I can tell you its awsome! Each Hulk has a unique color and this number 8 hulk is the Deepest Green of them all! Hulk Number 8 looks perfect with a super full, Gigantic Hulk Chest and incredibly, still totally super soft and supple.This is the heaviest and fullest Hulk of them all. This Hulk is close to mint but does have a  small blemish in the top shoulder that does not ditract from its appearance at all and was inspected by the King showing no signs of leaks at all.Hulk comes with the Origianl Minty Box, coffin ,lid, and instructions. Its got it all! With only 8 Mego Elastic Hulks known to exist, this Monster Hulk is surley one of the top 4! Hulk Number 8 comes in at a cool $7,400

#10 Mego Elastic Hulk has arrived! This fine specimen has survived a hole to its upper side chest but still displays great. I was emailed this photo on 11/28/08 from the very lucky owner of this fine Hulk who now joins the ranks of only 10 other people in the world to display their rare hulks here on Stretch Armstrong World.Number 10 tips the scale at a very respectable $4,800

Mego Hulk #2 A very fine Hulk Specimen if I may say so myself. This Hulk was previously owned by the king himself but now has a new owner named Steve. Number 2 hulk was drained of his lifeblood and refilled with cotton. Cotton is an amazing alternative to syrup and gives the stretch figure a nice full shape without the added weight of the syrup that can be too much for some of the older stretch figures skin to handle. A repair was needed on his hand were the drain/refill was performed. He does have some skin blemishes and touch ups here and there but who cares with somthing this rare! He still looks incredibly great! He is now preserved for a lifetime of enjoyment. Includes original instructions and Original Box. Value 2,000 to $2,700

Mego Hulk #4 Andrew Goldman is the new owner of the most perfect Hulk in existence to Date. This beautiful Hulk just sold for over $5,000 on an ebay auction! It is most a perfect example of the Mego Elastic Increadible Hulk. This Hulk is still perfectly soft and supple, nice vibrant green color to the latex too. Becasue of recently updated information I have revalued this Minty Hulk.This Hulk would be valued at maximum value of $9.500 or more if it werent for the tear in the box. However, I really dont think from a collectors standpoint that the box would diminish the value at all due to the extreme rarity and perfection of this almost 30 year old Hulk. Comes with Original Box and instructions. An absolutley amazing looking Hulk that is definitley impossible to beat. Stretchy's,you are looking at what is the top 2 most perfect Mego Elastic Hulks on the planet! I will say for the record that this Hulk is valued at over $9,500 but again, because of the tear in the box its real Value $9,800

Mego Hulk #6 it is unknown who owns this Hulk but it looks very good. This Picture was taken in 2001. If the owner of this Hulk will contact the stretch king,I will be happy to further assess this Hulk for a more precise appraisal.If this Hulk is as good as he appears he may have a value of up to $5,800 with no box.

Here is the #9 Mego Elastic Hulk! Holy crap! This is amazing! After waiting over one year since the last Hulk appeared number 8 and 9 appear only 3 months apart! I recently obtained this amazingly still soft Hulk and untill I actaully had it in my own hands I could not have imagined just how pristine this Hulk would be.I can honestly say that this Hulk is the only Hulk of all 11 known to date that was bought back in 1979 and never touched since.I personaly have had 5 of the 11 Hulks in my very hands and I can tell you without a doubt,the skin on this Hulk is as good as it gets. Perfectly pristine and untouched.In fact the collector from which I bought this Hulk was very careful to store all of his toys away from human contact.Hulks waist was squeezed a bit from the elastic pants that were left on the figure for the past 30 plus years. however,because I am the almighty Stretch King, I was able to warm the figure and allow the syrup to relocate itself back into the waist filling it back in. The minor creases are visiable only under the pants and this does not decrease the value as this is a natural part of the hulks composition and the pants always remain on the figure. And from a collectors standpoint this Hulk is definitely considered Mint.I just cannot say enough about the condition of this Hulk, He truley is the top of them all.Comes with original box. Value $8, 10,000 and beyond.

Hulk #11 from Kansas City is here! This number 11 hulk was stored in the basement since 1979 and only recently was taken out of his box for the first time on over 30 years. Unfortunaltey Hulk 11 does have a very heavy case of latex breakdown syndrome on the from chest,arms and legs due to being stored in the well known Mego elastic window box which allows UV rays to attatck the Hulks skin. This is a classic example of just how important it is to keep your stretch figure away from light source when stored.I always store my Mego elastics with the box flipped so that the window is on the bottom as to keep the figure from light.Number 11 although displays wonderfully,The severe LBS prices him at only $2,400 to Possibly $3,000.