The Top 12 Official Stretch Figure Mint Count

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Here you will find an Official Count of the top 10 Stretch Figures remaining in mint condition.  These 10 rare stretches are astonishing collectors all over the world with the increasingnly high values they achieve when found in a mint state. Because I am the all knowing all powerful Stretch King, I have kept deatiled accounts of every stretch figure to appear in the last 7 years and am now giving this information out to all my fellow stretchys to see. Be amazed at just how rare these 10 figures are in mint form.

Although Stretch Armstrong is a bit more common than the rarest of stretches, he is incredibly rare in mint form. There are currently only 24 Mint Stretch Armstrong Figures known to date! Thats all! Only 2 mint Stretch Armstrong Figures appeared in 2007. the Boxes are even more rare with only one confirmed totally mint unopened box on record thats in my personal collection and only 19 complete Boxes.I currently have 18 of these mint armstrongs in my collection and 12 complete boxes. Just Finding an Armstrong box with all flaps and sides is a very difficult task indeed. A minty fresh Stretch Armstrong is surely a very tough find.

Shown above is the only complete Super Stretch Mask figure.All the others have partial paintwork and are missing the final pocket. Others have no paint at all. All of the Mask versions are very valuable. Out of the only 8 known to date, believe it or not, all 8 Mask figures are in mint conditon. I have 5 of them in my collection.These were prototype figures that nevr made it to production and are becomming increasingly more valuable each year.It is said that only 10 to 50 of these gems were ever produced.There are only 5 known boxes.

Shown above is one of my Mint Stretch Incredible Hulks.3 of my 5 are considered totally mint and the other 2 are close to mint. This is truley one amazing stretch figure that had a very limited production and produced only in the United Kingdom. Of the 15 known Hulks in the world right now, 3 are close to mint and only 7 are Mint. The Hulk Boxes are extremly rare with only 12 boxes remaining and of these 12 Hulk boxes only 7 of them have all sides and flaps intacked.Thanks to Kenners awsome latex and syrup recipe the Kenner Stretches really enndured the test of time and will do so for another 30 years im sure.The Stretchy World Awaits the number 16 Hulk.

The Kenner Stretch Serpent is probably the most obscure stretch in existence today. Unlike other rare stretch figures that you can at least find some information on, the Serpent slithers into the murky deep waters of obscurity leaving no trace of its existence.There is only one real reference to the serpent on the internet that verifies its existence with a picture from a store catolog.If it werent for the only 2 Serpents seen in the past 10 years, we would not know if it even existed.The Serpent is trulely an astounding collectors dream. The serpent needed to be mentioned here becasue of its extreme rarity.Of thes only 2 Serpents neither are totally mint. Both Serpents needed some minor repairs as they were found in need of draining . Both Serpents were refilled with cotton/styro which simply does not diminish their value as cotton only ensures preservation. I honestly do not think we will ever find a mint Serpent. These 2 Serpents remaining today really should be in a toy museum as it is very unlikely another will ever surface in any condition.The Serpent is the one figure that makes it almost impossible to achieve Alpha 7 Status.

Of about 22 Spiderman known to date, Believe it or not only 2 are totally untouched and in Mint Condition.The Mego Elastic Spiderman is noramlly found with at least some type of skin problem or leaks as the Mego Elastic were packaged in boxes with open front windows which allowed a 30 year blast of UV Rays to hit the latex, thus making the Mego Elastics the rarest of all the Stretch Figures.Luckily we now know to cover these fine Megos when stored to keep them from harm so they will still be here 30 years from now. I and one other collector are the only owners of a truley Mint Spiderman.Now thats rare!

The Mego Elastic Batman shown above is the only remaining Mint Example known to date. There are a total of only 2 Mego Elastic Batmans and only rumors of any others.So far of the 2 other so called Batmans, niether person could produced any pictures to verify there existence.I persoanlly own the only mint example and recently traded the only other known Batman.After 30 years it is not only amazing to see a mint batman, but having the cape in tacked is especially rare as they were torn off so easily. I actually had a chance to talk with a former Mego employee Amelio who produced these Elastics.Amillio told me these Batman were produced in a very veyr small quantity because there production was haulted due to the Kenner Mego litigation.Amillio remembers the forman walking into the production plant and anouncing Shut down as they were popping out the Elastics. So my stretchys, if you ever have a chance to buy one of these Batman, Do it. You most likely will never see another, especially in mint form.

The Mego Elastic Casper to date has only showed itself one time. Casper shown above is not just the only mint Casper but it is also the only recorded Elastic Casper to date. There is one other Casper rumored to be out there somewhere , But where it is, nobody knows. The Mego Elastic Casper is simply more proof of just how rare the Elastics are.

You are looking at the only Mexican Ensueno Superman in existence today. And believe it or not, the only Mint Superman as well.This Stretch figure is one of the top 5 rarest in existence and being a Superhero makes it extremly valuable.Mexican Superman is actually even more valuable than its American Made Mego cousin. Just look at the frail box actaully opens like a sho box and is very very delicate whcih makes this figure extremly valuable in complete condition with the box.The cape is another feature that collectors like myself will look for to be untorn and still connected as this Supermans cape is.An outstanding stretch figure that demands big bucks$$$$$

Believe it or not, the Stretch Ninja is very rare in mint form. For being a more recent stretch figure of the early 1990s, Stretch ninja has only appeared about 7 times in 7 years with as few as 4 in mint condition. It is very odd that such a more recent figure would be this scarce, but it surly is.The Ninja Boxes are even more rare as most of the Ninjas are found without their Box. Also, the majority of Ninjas are found hard and with at least some holes as Cap Toys made these babies out of super thin latex almost as thin as a party balloon.This has to be why they are so rare as they were most likely torn apart very easily and thrown into that dark Obyss where almost all ruined Stretch figures end up. A very rare find in mint form.

The Stretch Monster is hands down the most desireable Stretch figure of them all.Although every stretch figure is wanted by collectors, the monster has that sentimental value because we all had one as a kid.The Monster has appeard in some decent numbers over the years and many were just blobs of leaking red syrup and skin piled in their coffins,but I must say the majority were in decent condition.But lets talk about Mint, shall we? Out of about 42 Monsters that appeared in the past 7 years, only 18 could be classified as truley mint.Now if you understand what an incredibly low number 42 Monsters is, you will also understand just how relatively rare they are in mint form.The Stretch Monsters shown above are true mint examples.Their bodies have great form, their skin is free of blemishes,cuts,and dirt, there are no leaks and their heads are clean as a whistle.Its hard to understand how we can even be so lucky to gaze upon a monster these days let alone a mint Monster, but fate had it planned a long time ago to leave us just a very few to enjoy the way we all remembered them.

The Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk has proven to be one of the hardest stretch figures to find in mint form.Of the only 9 Hulks in existence today there are only 2 truley mint hulks. Only two! Of the remaining 7 Hulks ,only 2 are very close to mint.The Mego Elastic Hulk will surely become an even more valuable piece in the near future as the Hulk legend continues to grow.

The Mego Elastic Plasticman has recently become fthe 4th most valuable stretch figure in existence. reaching almost $6,000 on ebay in May of 2008,Plasticman is king! Of the only 2 confirmed Plasticman figures, only one of them only possible still mint.Because I am a generous King I opted out of the most recent Plasticman auction so that others may enjoy owning this incredible figure Although the recent plasticman auction did show the front of the figure, the seller would not display any pictures of the backside which was the second reason I did not choose to win.OK,OK well maybe that was the first reason.It was however stated in the auction that the figure was free of any deterioration or blemishes.Therefore, I am stating the official count of one mint Plasticman.The figure shown above, although free of any holes or leaks, does have some general surface blemishes but as you can see,still displays perfectly.The Mego Elastic Plasticman has extreme value in just about any conditon due to its almost extinct existence.