The Thirty Hulks Known To Exist

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The Number 30 Hulk shows up on Aug 14th 2011 

There are now only 30 Denys Fisher Stretch Hulks Known to exist!

The next 30 pics starting at the top right and down and the final Hulk on the top left colum are the actual pictures of the only 30 currently known to exist Denys Fisher Stretch Hulks.The 1st , 2nd 5th, 8th,14th and 16th Hulk pics are my 6 Hulks. I have placed a Value for each Hulk at the end of each caption.

I have recently revaluated the Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulks for a few reasons.First,the economic conditons have put a huge strain on the toy market as well a every other facet of the retail market.What may have sold for 5,000 only a few years ago is now selling for half of that or even less.Second,the values I have stated were set in place several years ago when only 2 or 3 Hulks were known to exist.As the number of hulks climbed it is necessary to readjust their respective values accordingly to compensate for the higher number of hulks now in existence as well as the fact that more hulks are lilkly to be found in the future.How many Hulks you ask are out there? it is hard to say but if only 30 hulks have ben found in the past 30 years since their dissapearance,logic says only a few more are out there.This being said,it is also possible that we are closing in on what may soon be the final Hulk to be found as each hulk that is discovered also brings us closer to that very last surviving hulk.The Denys fisher Hulks are still incredibly rare and valuable and difficult to find in mint or close to mint conditon.This is why even with the new adjusted appraisals the Denys fisher Hulks are and will always be very rare and valuable stretch figures and remain one of the most difficult figures to obtain.

The following values for each Denys Fisher Hulk vary due to each Hulks condition as well as completeness and condition of Box. These are  very rare stretch figures.for a few reasons. One is because the Denys Hulk was the only stretch figure never avaiable in the USA.You may say, wait! Strech King! the japenese Stretch Armstrong was not available in the usa either, or even the Italian Monster. One must realize that these figures were knock offs of the original Armstrong and Monster,,some were even the exact same figures in different boxes. the Hulk is one of a kind. No other countries made the Hulk. It was Exclusive to the United Kingdom as the figure it is. Also, it is the Hulk, an actual superhero, its value is much greater than the Monsters or Armstrongs, especially due to the limited number in existence. You cant just go to the nearest walmart and find one of these babies. When I grade these Hulks for value, I look at each one individually and note the condition of the box,and coffin,The originality of the figure.(Is it Original Syrup, Has it been cleaned or worked on?) I acess the figures skin for holes ,dryrot,thinning and definition. I also look at the hardness of the figure,Condition of the shorts and head paint as well as the symitry (shape and proprtions of the figure).Because I cannot personally see each figure, I somtimes must rely on descriptions from the owners which may cause some fluctuations in the appraisals.With only 30 Hulks in existence to date, Denys Fisher Stretch Hulks are truely a stretch collectors Holy Grail!


17th known Hulk to exist.Here is yet another beautiful example of the most rare Stretch Hulks.NUmebr 17 is looking real good and appraises at around 6,000.Unortnaley there is no box but the figure itself is in such nice condtion that its value still holds regardless of the missing box.

1st known Hulk to Exist. Tony Galla's 1st Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk!! Original Box in beautiful almost perfect condition with all sides and flaps.This Hulk Is in mint condition, still soft.Awsome!!!!!!! Value$4,000

2nd known Hulk to exist.Another awsome minty soft and very full Denys Hulk owned by Tony Galla. I never thought in a million years that I would get my hands on this second Hulk.It really is another beaut! This Hulk is filled to the max.Comes with a pretty decent box as well. Value$ 4,400

18th Hulk to appear is in beautiful condition,still soft at room temperature and comes with a pretty decent box, and coffin.This stretch Hulk comes in at a conservative appraisal of $5,700

#3 Denys Hulk is a beautiful Hulk worth top dollar. Unfortunalty the box is missing which drops its value quite a bit.Still a superb hulk worth over $4,700.

The 19Th Known Hulk to exist has just appeared in Feb of 2009.The number 19 is in exceptional condition with no leaks.Also has instructions but unfortunatley has no box.A wonderous Hulk for sure.approx value $4,500

4th known hulk to Exist.Eric Pfieffer's Flawless Stretch Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk!! Eric also has the original Box which unfortunatly is missing the top cover. Value $5,400

Blam!! Number 20 Hulk has arrived with a vengance! Yet another Hulk from the UK owned by a fellow stretchy named Vince.This Number 20 is totally mint and boasts what may be the best box of all the Hulks out there.Untill now,the Stretch King owned the most perfect Hulk Box, but the Number 20 box may just be better. Hulk is still soft at room temperature and coffin and lid are extremely white and clean.The Green skin is flawless and vivid with no holes or leaks.You gotta admit this Number 20 Hulk deserves its appraisal by the King of at least $9,000 and quit possibly full value of 10,000 .Congrats Vince on what just may be the top 2 Hulks in existence to date.

5th Known Hulk to Exist. This Denys Fisher Stretch Hulk Just surfaced on April 16th 2006. Originally Owned by another UK resident.I just purchased this beautiful Hulk which makes this my 3rd Hulk.,Value$ 4,200 ,

The 21st Stretch Incredible Hulk is here! Only weeks after the 20th Hulk ,NUmber 21 appears and looks pretty dam good.Owned by of course another UK resident,This Hulk is still soft and comes with the origianl box although it is a bit rough.Hulk himself is a bit dirty and somewhat worn but still warrents an appraisal of at least 4,000 .

6th Known Hulk to Exist, This Denys Fisher Hulk is owned by an unknown person in the United Kingdom, England. Right where the Denys Hulk was Born.Has original box with remnants of the numbered tape still on the box with partial numbers showing. The guy who owns this Hulk owned it from a child and had it stored up in a loft for almost 30 years where the temperatures fluctuated greatly and his hulk is still soft! This just shows how well these Hulks were made. Give us your Name Unknowned Hulk Man, so I can put it up next to your awsome Hulk. Great Picture!! United Kingdom Value$5,000

Well,here we go again.Suddenly 7 Hulks have shown up in the last 12 months.This is unprecidented to see so many hulks just pop up from the past one after another. This fine Hulk specimen is in great condition with no leaks and is still soft at room temperature.Recently purchased by a US resident from the United Kingdom. Hulk 22 does not currently have a box,gee,what a suprise! But because I am a generouse King I will be providing a box copy and a coffin so the Hulk can spend the rest of his days on his back.Hulk number 22 comes in at very respectable $4,000

7th Known Hulk to exist is currently owned by Stoney from Oklahoma U.S.A.. A very nice looking Hulk that has original box and coffin with remnants of the number tape but no numbers.This Hulk is totally Mint. Value $5,600

Hulk Number 23 is here.I find this absolutley amazing to see so many hulks appear in such a short time span of one year. Hulk 23 is just one of over 7 Hulks that have appeared in the past year and he looks great.Clean, soft and almost perfect with a beautiful box and nice white coffin to boot. Also comes with instructions. This Hulk is complete.Aside from the runs in his shorts this Hulk appears to be just about perfect..Estimated value of this Hulk could easitly reach 8,000 plus.Remember,The stretch King predicts a hault to the Hulk count will occur at 27. Lets see what happens.

8th known Hulk to exist,Above is my most recent Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk to suddenly appear on ebay .This is without a doubt the nicest Hulk out of all that are currently known to exist. Brand spaken New I tell ya! This Hulk was never stretches before as there are no finger prints or scuffs of any kind on this figure. This Hulk is without a doubt untouched and totally Mint. Doesnt get any better than this.This is my 4th Hulk . I purchased this Hulk from another United Kingdom person. and what a beautiful Hulk specimen it is. Hulk includes a beautiful Mint C 10 box with white uncut number tape. this Box was opened from the bottom only?This is truely an amazing thing to see these hulks surface with only 15 known so far.This Hulk still has the original talc powder all over it from production. Very very ripped and defined.This Hulk is also one of only 2 Hulks signed by the incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno making this the most valuable hulk in existence.The only complete mint Hulk in existence to date.Value$8,000

24th Denys Hulk to appear here on March 20th 2010! What a beautiful Hulk specimen it is.Still soft like putty, no leaks,even has the origianl box.This hulk appears to be in excellent condtion and from the owners description I have to give this Hulk and preliminary appraisal of at least 5,400 and quit possible more.Of course this Incredible,Incredible Hulk is owned currently by a UK resident.Hlk is for sale now on ebay but the sales prices for Hulks as well as everything else these days have diminished to a fraction of their true value.Now is a great time to buy and Hold with stretch figures for wehn the economy rebounds,Stretches will again be as good as gold!

This number 9 Hulk is in beautiful condition and all you have to do is look at him to see that he is worth a min of 4,200 even without a box.Congrats to the number 9 Hulk owner ! Its a beaut!

25th Stretch Incredible Denys fisher Hulk is here only days apart from the appearance of number 24 Hulk.This Hulk is another great specimen of latex and corn syrup.Skin looks to be in almost perfect condition with no holes or wear.Pants are bright and this is one of the best boxes out there if only for the tear in the upper right corner whcih is common to these stretch boxes as we all know.This Hulk comes complete with instructions ,Box,coffin and Hulk. Only think missing is the Coffin chest cross support.Hulk 25 is in fact seen its softer days and now is frozen stiff untill someone like the Stretch King gives him a total blood transfusion so that he may live again.Straight out of the United Kingdom Hulk 25 is on sale now on ebay.Hulk 25 in Hard condition comes in at $4.800.With a transfusion ,$6,000.

10th known Hulk to exist. Above is the number 10 Hulk owned by a United Kingdom dude named Paul.This Hulk is for sale. If interested please contact me for info. This Hulk can become new again with my expertise. I hope I get a chance to work on this Hulk or at leaast guide Paul through the process. This Hulk is too rare to leave in a coma. includes a very nice original box, coffin and instructions.Congrats to Paul on the number 10 Hulk! Awsome! Hulk.This Hulk has only one small hole and once repaired will be a very clean Hulk.Value as it is with Box, coffin and instructions $1,200. Value in repaired condition$ 1,200 to Possibly 2,200 If the repair is done correctly.

26th Hulk is in pretty good condition.Still soft but has no box.A bit dirty but who cares.The skin around the neck looks as if it may have been messed with a bit possibly a refill or replacement of an o ring leak but all and all this Hulk is not too bad at all.Number 26 comes in at a cool 1,700 bucksl

11th Known Hulk to arrive here on Stretch Armstrong World is actually in pretty good condition. This Hulk is still soft but does have a small cut in its left shin that i can repair if the owner wishes.This Hulk shows signs of being stretched a bit and He does not have any pants so I gave the Hulk his dignity and photoshopped a pair of purple pants onto the image.The 11th known Denys Fisher Hulk is currently owned by another United Kingdom person. Not surprised to see almost every Hulk come from the UK where they were produced.A very respectable Hulk specimen. Value $1,100

27th Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk is finally here! As the stretch king predicted several years ago there would be a freeze at number 27.Lets see how long it takes for the 28th hulk to appear.NUmber 27 Hulk shown here entered Stretch Armstrong World on Jan10th 2010.This number 27 is beyond Mint and comes with a Box,coffin and instructiions.Appraisal comes in at approx $7,700.If it werent for the box being in a bit taddy condition it would be valued higher.A beautiful Hulk indeed.I would say one of the top 4 best Hulks.

12th known Denys Fisher Hulk! Here it is, this number 12 of the most awsome of all the stretches comes in as what appears to be one of the top 5 best condition Hulks. This Incredible Hulk is currently for sale on ebay holding at almost 3,000 by another UK owner. Listed as still soft with no leaks. the skin looks about perfect , the pants are super clean and the Box is a Beaut! Even the black plastic coffin that are commonly found cracked is in pristine condition with very minimal damage.This trulely is one of the Great Denys Fisher Incredible Hulks. Because of its exceptional condition this Hulk almost tips the scale with a value of over $5000.00 This Hulk Kicks ass!

Hulk Number 28 is here! And just in time for the New Year! After one year of stalling at 27,the 28th Hulk has arrived and shows to be one of the top 3 best Hulks ever.Hulk 28 is owned by Darren from Sheffield England.Darren contacted the Stretch King via email with his Hulk photos asking me to verify its position within the known stretch hulks list on Stretch Armstrong World.Upon looking it over I can now confirm this is in fact the 28th known Stretch Incredible Hulk in the world.It is in beautiful mint condtion,still soft and has original box and coffin.This is one of only 4 Hulks that still has the origianl powder residue on its skin whcih was applied in the factory during production to help keep the fresh latex from sticking to itself.This powder confirms minimal to almost no use making this hulk thoeretically untouched and brand new! As youn can also see this Hulk is one of the ripped and very defined muscular version that was produced with the mega rare porcelian mold.This is truely an amazing Hulk indeed.Of the only 28 known Hulks left in the world today only 6 Hulks are in truely Mint condition making this mint hulk one of the top 6 most valuable Hulks.I cannot give this hulk the full appraisal value due to the damaged box and the missing instructions,necktag and coffin chest support.However once these items are obtained its value may then be adjusted.For now,the King has determined its value to be approx $ 7,500. Again,if the box were mint and all other items were obtained,this hulk would appraise for 9,000 and up.Is number 29 out there?

They say 13 is an unlucky number, well it sure was for this Hulk. This number 13 Hulk was found up in a garage loft where it was stored for the last 20 years. It was found with a hole in the collar bone and the one hand, The Pants were also ripped apart and he was dirty! ! He now look incredible. The Stretch King repaired this number 13 Hulk and cleaned him up to become a collectors dream!. He is still soft with syrup inside and no leaks. Pants are still torn in the but but they look great from the front. Number 13 was purchased at the Asda Supermarket in the United Kingdom almost 30 years ago. Congrats on the number 13 Hulk! Value,$800 to 1,000 .This Incredible Hulk is for sale! If you are interested in owning what only 11 other people on the planet own, contact the King!

29th Hulk has arrived only 20 days after the number 28 Hulk.This Hulk is complete with box ,coffin,lid and instructions and has clean and supple skin free of blemishes or holes.Valued at an easy 8,000 Number 29 is one of the best of the best!

14th know Hulk. this is my most recent addition to my Denys Stretch Hulk collection as my 5th Hulk. He is Super Clean with Powder all over it indicating a freshly unstretched Figure. This Hulk is literally flawless! Having a very unique lighter green color, Hulk looks bright and free of blemishes as well as sporting a very clean pair of Hulk purple pants. Box that belongs to this figure is missing the top lid. Still very supple soft. an amazeing Stretch Hulk valued at $5,400!!!.

Above is the Ultra Rare Mego Elastic Plasticman.This one pictured here is actually one of only two confirmed Plasticman's to exist. Appearing in the #60 issue of Tomart Action Figure Digest Magazine back in the 1990s, The Plasticman pictured above is truley an unbelievable collectors piece to have.Plasticman back in the day was not one of the more popular Mego Elastic Superheroes which makes this figure in present day that much more rare and wanted by all collectors. Mega,Ultra, Amazingly Rare, and Valuable.Stretch Plasticman is one of the rarest and most valuable figures of all stretches hands down. The only other Plasticman recently sold on ebay for well over $6,000 !Dont be fooled by the imitations you may see. The original Plasticman has the vest string ties made right into the latex. Some people are attatching the plasticman heads on the 1992 armstrong body. Incredible!

Finally the Number 15 Denys Fisher Stretch Incredible Hulk has appeared almost one year after the number 14 hulk was unvieled.Stored in a loft for 30 years and found very dirty, this Hulk cleaned up nicley and includes the original Box. Number 15 is topping out at a value of 4,500 . Still flexable with supple skin , Number 15 Hulk has finally showed up! .Owner of this fine Hulk specimen is Carl from the UK, Home of the Denys Hulk!!! This Hulk just recently sold for over 4,000 dollars. Looks like the Stretch King appraised him dead on at $4,000!

The 16th Known Hulk appears in late June 2008, . A most pleasing Hulk specimen that is almost mint.This beautiful Hulk is still super super soft soft and stretchable .Unfortunaltely the 16th Hulk does not have a outer Box as they are very very rare .I just happen to have an extra Hulk box that was just waiting for a Hulk. He is now complete.Number 16 was owned by a United Kingdom resident and is now part of the Stretch Kings personal Stretch Collection. Actual Value of Hulk number 16 if sold with a near mint Box and instructions $4,2000