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  • Stretch Ninja cap toys 1993.I am actually very amazed at just how rare this more recent 90s stretch figure is. I have only seen about 4 of these in 7 years. And only one in the past 2 years. If you ever see a Stretch Ninja, grab it quick. This is a super hard find for collectors. Cap Toys most likely did not produce many of these Ninjas. Must have box with all flaps, Ninja with no leaks. Ninja weapons, pleather mask and instructions. If it is still soft it would be worth a bit more,but most of these stretches are found pretty hard which doesnt really hurt its value.This is a must for any collector.Value $200.00 to $375.00

-------Stretch Homer Simpson Character Toys--------------- 2005 Value $50.00 to $85.00------

  • Stretch Homer Simpson.This is a great Stretch. Done right by character toys 2005. Comes with Black plastic coffin tray, instructions and Homer is in a plastic bag.sold only out of  the UK. Recently discontinued production.I think this one is a must for collectors.

--------Tsukuda Stretch Monster Value 2,500 plus-

  • The Stretch Monster Produced By Tsukuda in Japan. The Japenese box title actually translates to "Stretch Andro" in english. Extremely scarce and very valuable.This has to be one of my favorite stretches. What great packaging with the cool black box and see through window.Tsukada also produced the Mega Rare Mr X which is the Japenese version of Stretch Armstrong. These are both vintage 1970s stretches and I know for a fact that there are not many of either the Monster or Mr X around.If you thought our U.S. Stretch Monster was ugly, Take a look at this Japenese monster! Ughh. Same body as the U.S. monster but has one But Ugly Face I must say. Still an absolutley awsome Stretch to attain.The Tsukuda Monster has recently appeard a few more times recently adn at one point was actually selling for almost $2,000. The Kenner Monster is in fact the most valuable of all the Monster variations, but the Jap Monster is much more rare which may at times cause it to pull in close to or even more money than a Kenner Monster.

Mexican Elastico Batman Value 10,000 plus

Mexican Elastico Batman .Very difficult to find. Definitly  the hardest one to get of the Mexican versions.Although not as valuable as the Mego Elastic Batman, this batman is one of the more valued stretches and remains nowhere to be found.

Mego Elastic Spiderman Value $2,500 to $2,700 plus, and The Elastic Incredible Hulk Value $9,500 plus

Mego Elastic Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk. .Spiderman is not as easy to find as once thought.It was said to be one of the more common of the megos, but in recent years they have dissapeared and have become very very scarce. I know of only 10 of these to exist and only about 3 of these Spideys are mint.I have just increased the value on Elastic Spidey as a most recent Ebay sale has well exceeded the previous min value. Mego Spidey is the only red color Stretch Figure. Very Very cool stretch with a very cool head.One should be satisfied obtaining this figure in any condition. The Hulk as you would probably already know is the most incredibly rare and very very valuable of the Megos 2nd only to Mego Elastic Batman.Stretchys behold this figure if you are one of the only 8 people to have one. Its that amazing!The Mego Hulk Looks different from the Denys Fisher hulk with a more rounded and larger body and not quite as symetrical as the Denys Fisher Hulk Body. The Hulk Is an awsome stretch that you probably wont find. With only 8 Hulk known to date. Mego Elastic Hulk is a collectors dream in any condition.

Vac Man ,Cap Toys 1994 Value $80.00 to $170.00

Vac Man is definitely classified as a stretch figure, but it is unique compared to the cornsyrup filled stretches.Vac Man is filled with thousands of pieces of rocklike chips or nuggets which are actually dried up Corn Cobs.I love this stretch. You can suck the air out of him with the vac pump and stretch him into a permanent hold till you release the pressure with a button on the side of its head. This Stretch figure was actually produced  14 years before in 1980 as the Mega Rare FrankenBumps. A frankenstien version of vac man. People go crazy over this cool red Vac man! I am thinking about filling one of these Vac Men with syrup.Totally Cool!

Below, Just purchased this Amazing Stretch Mr X from Japan. Thanks to some great guys who contacted me with this super rare stretch made by tsukuda in Japan. It is totally mint and still very soft.Has brown hair and comes with bag on its head from the factory! This stretch doesnt hold its fullness well but this is how it was made.The latex is very soft.Thanks John and Paul, for allowing me to purchase this great Mr X . Value for this fine Japenese Stretch is $475.00 to $800.00

Fetch Armstrong Cap Toys 1992 Value $450.00

Really cool stretch Fetch Armstrong Dog. Made by Cap Toys in 1992. Fetch is a very seldom seen Stretch and is becomming increasingly more scarce by the day. A very cool stretch worth the money..Latex is nice and thick,and most are stilll soft. Comes with instructions,plastic Tray and Box should be 7 to 10. recently The Fetch Dog Fetched almost $500.00 on ebay so I have recently increased the value of this fine dog specimen. Fetch Armstrong is a must for any stretch collector.

Mexican Elastico Superman Value $ 8,000

Mexican release Elastico Superman By EnsueNu is one very rare stretch.Unlike the Italian Monster which is less valuable than the Kenner. This Mexican Superman will bring in every bit as much as the Mego version and way more.Know of only One Mexican Superman, Only one!!!!. I just traded one of my Mego Elastic Batmans for him. Thanks so much Eric!!!! An extremely scarce stretch to date which I feel will become priceless in years to come. This is the only known mint ensueno superman in the world!

Mego Elastic Donald Duck Value $950 , Casper Value $1,400 and Mickey Mouse Value $1,000. As a set, Value $3,500

Mego elastic Mickey Mouse, Casper and Donald Duck. These are super tough to find in any condition! These stretches were produced in as set by Mego sometime after the elastic heroes. The rarest of the three figures would be Casper then Mickey Mouse,and Donald Duck. All of the stretches are smaller in comparison to the superheroes, about 9 inches and do qualify as a true stretch figure in the Stretch Kingdom. There is only one confirmed person that owns all three of these however it is possible for another person to aquire all three only if another casper shows up. Definitely worthy of collecting as well as an extreme challenge which is what collecting is all about. As with all the stretch figures, these values have increased with each passing year as they become more and more obscure. These 3 figures are nowhere to be found.

Meccano Elastic Man Is a tough find. Since mine is the only one I have ever seen, Value of $600.00 plus

Meccano Elastic Man (French Version of Stretch Armstrong) seems to be either very elusive or their just werent many of these made. I have only seen one in 6 years. This one is perfectly soft and has great latex skin. Had to make an arm patch for it due to the small tear in the arm, but this stretch is still totally stretchable..

1992 Stretch Armstrong by Cap Toys Value $75.00 to $225.00

1992 Stretch Armstrong by Cap Toys. 16 years after the first stretch armstrong, Cap Toys came out with this great Stretch Figure that I feel was done just right. Its Big,thick and somewhat resembles the original Armstrong of old but has a much more comical look. The figure is now 16 years old and has recently sold for figures as high as 300 dollars! These great stretches have absolutley no leak or skin  problems of any kind and really do have the look of the early 1990s era with the neon shirt print and box graphics.Its hard to say just how much these stretches will be worth in the future, but for now they are definitly increasing in their value each year.I would tend to say that in about 20 more years they may be valued at around 600 to 800 bucks.The largest of all the stretch figures.Two box versions were produced, an earlier cartoon look and more refined computer like image. Includes stretch mat, plastic bottom tray or coffin, shirt and shorts.This value would be for a perfect box.We can only hope that someday Kenner will release a limited edition remake of the original 1970s Stretch Armstrong . That would be incredible!

Stretch Serpent By Kenner, 1978, Super ,Ultra ,Mega, Ferget Abot it, Rare. Value 10,000 to 12,000 plus.

 Finally ,here it is,pictured above and just arrived from planet lochness is The Stretch Serpent by Kenner. This is one of the top 5 rarest stretches out there, with only 2 known to exist, Mine and one other stretch collector. It took me almost 4 years to find this beauty, and I had to go out of the solar system to get it, but it was worth the wait! These were stated to be unproduced however these ultra rare stretch Serpents were in fact produced and sold on store shelves at the end of the stretch armstrong era just after the stretch octopi came out. Both known Serpents have a catalog number on the top of the box which confirms they did in fact make it to the store shelves for a very brief period as well as one the existence of one vintage catolog advertisment with a picture of the Serpent and Armstrong indicating a sale price and order number. The Serpents did not sell well,hence their extreme rarity.The ones that werent ripped apart by kids, were either sent back to kenner and destroyed or just thrown out. Only only issued one production run of these serpents as a test market and imediatley canceled production due to low sales.This awsome Gem of stretches I believe will be thee most valuable stretch figure within the next 5 years due to its Extreme rarity.Serpent comes with instructions, neck tag, and coffin.These instructions and Neck tag are worth a few hundred alone.The Serpent to date is the number one rarest Stretch only next to the Mego Plasticman and Batman.I know in fact there is one loose Serpent Head out there that someone may sell eventually. The head alone has extreme value! Highly valuable in almost any condition!!!! This is the one of the very few stretches that has never come up for auction.

The next 8 pics are the 1987 LJN Stretch Wrestlers. I decided to add these to my collection after some debate,only because they are not filled with syrup,but Powder. I at first did not put these in the same catagory as the original stretches,however after seeing these great figures I decided they should be included because they look very cool, they are 20 years old and they are becomming very rare because many of these did not hold up to the stretching. LJN used a not so stretchable latex, and the seems are weak as well which means most of these stretches blew apart and were thrown.There are a total of 8 wrestlers and they are all totally cool.All of them Include Box ,Tray and Tray Lid.This one is one of the hardest to get, Rany Macho Man Savage.If you dont have these wrestlers,I would start trying because they wont be around much longer ,if its already not to late.These are with out a doubt gonna become very valuable in the near future.I cant say enough about how cool these wrestlers are.

Randy Macho Man Savage Stretch Wrestler 1987 LJN Toys Value$150.00 to 270.00