The Amazing $15,000 Batman

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Robin....... "Holy Crap Batman! You are worth a bundle $$$$" !!!! Batman....... " Of course I am Robin,you puny little sidekick!"

This Mego Elastic Batman is now the most valuable stretch on the planet with recorded proces of up t 15,000.This is almost no doubt the last survivor in this outstanding totally mint condition. I have another Batman that although not totally mint is very very nice and clean and I may sell it soon for a very fare price.These are the only 2 known examples I have actually seen in all my years of collecting. The Batman is that rare!These Batman Stretches a Batman collectors dream! 

Batman is in fact the most valuable Stretch in existence! worth well over $20,000 !

A most perfect Batman Head.

This truely is an amazing piece to have in such perfect condition.

Minty fresh skin,WOW!

The Cape is still attatched to the neck with no rips. this is  immpossible to find because the capes were always ripped off when played with.

The Box is totally mint

This is one of only 2 known Batmans to exist to date. I have just made a trade for an equally rare Ensueno Superman for one of my 2 Batman Elastics. Mego Elastic Batman is truley the most valuable stretch ever!