A Very Stretchy Christmas Past

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Stretchy Christmas To All

Yet More of your favorite Stretchy Christmas photos I have gathered over many years of searching and from all the great people out there that sent in their Christmas pics with Stretch Arsmtrong figures in hand, I want to say thanks to you all and please keep the pics comming for 2009.

I wouldnt want to be this Stretch Arsmtrong! Ouch!

This Pic on Christmas Morning just happened to catch the Stretch Monster Box in its view.Superimposed camera shot shows it much clearer.Hmm, wonder where the Monster figure was hiding that Christmas Morning?

This just may be my favorite Christmas pic of them all.Not only are these two cute little guys sporting both Monster and Armstrong,but my favorite Actor, Chuck Brown hangs next to the silver tree made of aluminum.Do you remember having a tree like this one? I sure do.

Now this guy looks happy,and take a look at whats on his Shirt, none other than the most awsome Batman!

Smile after Smile Stretch Armstrong placed on thousands of Kids faces and to this day he still has that same affect on us all.Just look at that cute black dog .

Rounding out this awsome shot submitted by Tom Beiter watching anxiously as his brother plays with his new Stretch Armstrong. Come on man,Give it back!

Here is one of the best Stretchy Christmas pics from Rich Deyoung.The above Photo shows the most awsome Stretch Monster lying in his coffin next to his minty new box . Lower photo shows Rich standing over the Monster that was almost as tall as him back then.Like all of us who were lucky enough to get a monster for Christmas so many years ago, Rich can remember those old days of Christmas past when that first smell of the monsters skin filled his nose as he unwrapped his favorite gift that year.Now we all search for that perfect minty fresh Monster hoping there is still a glimmer of that new monster smell remaning in its skin so that we can relive those good ol days with just one last brief sniff.Great job locating these fine photos Rich. Please click on pic for a larger view.

Now this is a real classic photo.Just look at that minty fresh armstrong.Im sure this little guy is one of our very own stretchy collectors today.With memories like this,its hard to forget your favorite toy.Look in the backround at the other awseome toys of the 70s,Green Machine,GI Joe,Stunt Cycle,erector set and more.Look close and you will see the Stretch Armstrong Stretch Mat lying on the floor.

Stretch Monster-- Christmas -- 1976. You can tell this guy knows the value of what he has in his hands.This kind of green is worth more than Money to most of us.Isnt that Pong on the couch?

Oh Man! Look at that beautiful brand new never opened Stretch Armstrong,why oh why cant i go back in time and buy out all the stores?

Look at this one,Both Armstrong and the Monster together in one Christmas.

Oh no.no,Stop! your tearing off the neck tag!

Which one of these three toys do you think he will remember most?

This guy is loven it!

Yet another Monster in the backround making this a most wonderful Stretchy Christmas!

This is an incredible picture for one reason,This is the only known picture of a Stretch X ray being stretched at Christmas back in 1979,and look at the monster in the backround.Wonder if one of those stretches are one of the very few still around today?