The Ultimate Armstrongs!

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  • YOU WANT THE ULTIMATE ARMSTRONGS?? You Got It! These are my finest, most awsome, super cut and defined Armstrongs produced from the porcelan mandrels. These babies are unbelievable! I have yet to see more razor sharp definition in any other armstrongs since I have been collecting for over 10 years. Believe me, these guys are not to usual stock. Just look at the perfect shape and stomach six pak. They look even more cut in person. I dont know where these Super Armstrongs came from, but man I love Um!!!!!!! I purchased 18 of these beauts 10 years ago when the Armstrongs first began to show up on ebay. These are the Best of the Best! I have never sold one of these super defined Armstrongs because they are so scarce and next to immpossible to come by. Click on each pic for a Super Size Super Armstrong!

..........Look at the six packs on these guys! I have 18 of these totally minty Armstrongs.

  • Are you kidding me? Just look at these perfect Stretch Armstrongs. The shape is amazing, isnt it? I can only assume that these guys were produced by a Kenner employee that went above and beyond and applied the latex at just the right thickness and timing.You wouldnt believe how smooth the skin feels! Flawless!!!

  • Look at the biceps and the rib cage definition on this guy.Super defined! This guy looks like its made of hard plastic, but he his totally soft and stretchable.

  • If this guy was in a Mr Olympia contest for stretches, He would win!

  • The Inventor of the Legendary Stretch Armstrong figure ,CPG employee James O.Kuhn. James came up with the Corn Syrup filled Latex Figure in 1974 which did not actually recieve a patent by kenner untill 1979. A truely great man indeed that has given many great memories to all of us and put countless smiles on the faces of the children of our past.Thanks for the memories James. 

  • Here is where the S sticker goes that comes with the Superman. Some thought it was for the chest, Wrong. I still have mine on its card.

  • This Stretch Monster gazes upon his bottled lifeblood.What an erie seen,Boo!

  • When I say these guys are perfect, I mean perfect! Look at the great color this one has, as well as the line seperation in the leg muscles. SuperArmstrong !!!!!!

  • Look at how small the waist is and how puffed up the chest is! Amazing!!!!!

  • Check out his shoulders, they look like bowling balls. And look at the front of the thighs how the muscles are defined by seperation. No doubt, the cream of the crop!!!!

  • Just thought I would throw the Denys and Mego Hulks in a head to head close up.

  • What Not to do with your Vintage, 35 year old, pricey, rare Stretch Armstrong. Dont ya just hate it when they show pics like this one on the auctions?  Look at this thing! Although it is good to squeeze them every so often to help keep the latex from stiffening, dont ever do this! yeah! yeah!, lets see how far we can stretch him before he breaks! Said Dumb and Dumber.

  • This is a very rare and cool Amsterdam release Stretch Armstrong. As you can see all the text on the box is wrtten in German. This is one of the more than 7 countries that produced their own Stretch Armstrong version. Click on the above armstrong pic to see the origianl Stretch Armstrong TV Commercial of old.The Commercial starts half way through the video.

  • It is not even debatable that the Mego Elastic Batman is the most valuable Stretch on the Planet. The Denys Fisher Incredible Hulk, Serpent,Plasticman and Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk are also one of the top most valuable stretches as well.The Batman Pictured here is the only known Mint example of the Mego Elastic Batman Figure and sold for $15,500.There have been a few people out there claiming they have a Batman but can never provide any pictures to back it up.There are in fact only 3 Batman known to exist at the present time.Two of them are boxed and one is unboxed.A true collector knows that anything that exists is such low numbers as one or two is goin g to be extremly valuable.